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Yesterday we set the World Record for “Largest Rainbow Parade” with 179 beautiful, colorful souls! I couldn’t believe it when RecordSetter announced the final count because 79, the year I was born, is my lucky number!

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World’s LARGEST Rainbow Parade

It’s almost my birthday again, and you know what that means… RAINBOW PARADE TIME! This year we’ll endeavor to create the World’s LARGEST Rainbow Parade! (Seriously, we are going for a World Record, thanks to RecordSetter, and I am REALLY excited!) Moms, grandpas, little sisters, uncles, cousins, puppies, goldfish… EVERYONE is welcome! All you need to do is dress head to toe in one color and meet us on April 28 to parade over the Brooklyn Bridge.

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Magic Rainbow Skateboard Swing

Holy Rainbow, I sure had fun painting (or more accurately dipping in paint and then swinging on) this skateboard deck for Bordo Bello. So much fun, in fact, that I had to make a silly little video!

Get Your Tattly On

THIS. IS. EXCITING. SO. GET. READY! My friend Tina had the idea (after helping her 5-year-old apply her eighty-hundrety really ugly temporary tatto) that there should be a web store for designerly temporary tattoos. Thus Tattly was born! I’m super proud to be the designer of two of the original designs going live when the site launches. The first is called color burst…

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I’ve Got A Sweet Rainbow Hangover

And there ain’t no cure. Please be patient with me as I figure out how to process all the joy that was my birthday, find the words to thank everyone who participated in both the Hole Sale and the Rainbow Birthday Parade, and figure out a way to share everything all those who could only be there in spirit.

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Hole Sale and Rainbow Birthday Spectacular

Dear glorious second-hand shoes, I shall miss you! I hope you’ve heard by now: this Saturday on my thirty-second birthday, I’m getting rid of over 400 items from my wardrobe! As challenging as it might be, it’s got to happen if I want to get down to the 100-items-or-less closet. I felt I needed to find a way to let go while also celebrating my birthday, and true to my nature, the whole thing has turned into a crazy, hopefully wonderful production.

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100 Items or Less

On March 15, my friend and Studiomate Chris Shiflett put out a call for his readers to write the Ideas of March as a commitment to substantive blog posts. I asked him what I should write about. I don’t usually tackle what others in our webby community would consider stimulating, educational or controversial (although if you knew what actually went on in my head, you’d agree that everything I write is actually all three for me on a personal level). He said, “You have lots of ideas. Just write one of them down.” I decided to choose a subject I’ve been avoiding for a long time and see if I could come up with any fresh ideas worth sharing. True, I had a few drinks, but I must have been inspired because I ended up envisioning what amounts to a major overhaul of important yet neglected area of my life. So without further ado, here’s my contribution to the Ideas of March, and true to my nature, I’ve posted it without a day to spare. 1 hour to imagine; 5 hours to distill and write; an estimated 50 hours of action required.

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Week’s Worth of Undies

It seemed simple enough… I’ll go on a trip, and the only thing I’ll pack in a tiny suitcase is the underwear I’ll need. All other clothing will be procured at thrift stores once I arrive at my destination. I’ll wear it, photograph it and have a grand ole time with it, but then I’ve got to give it away, returning home with only my original undies.

But what ensued was awesomeness on a level I’m not even sure I’m capable of processing. Let’s just say, short of every person I love having landed next to me in a giant rainbow-colored hot air balloon, I don’t see how life could have gotten any better.

In Summary:
10 Thrift Stores + $275 + A Week in the California Desert + 600 Incredible Folks + 1 Three-Minute Talk = AWESOMENESS OVERLOAD!

I have to attribute much of the magic of the week to where I chose to carry out this project for the first time: TEDActive in Palm Springs. That’s a yearly gathering of more than 600 uniquely intense and beautiful people out in the California desert. We watch TED2011 as it’s simulcast from Long Beach, meet one another, go on field trips, swim, bike, eat, dance and have a generally amazing time. What made this TED truly special was that we (WORKSHOP) actually worked with TED to create the visual identity for this year’s conference, The Rediscovery of Wonder. So as we were walking about, we got to see our design on posters, guide books, signage, iPad apps and more.

The most exciting yet nerve-wracking part of the week was that I was selected to give a TEDYou Talk about the Undies Project. Yippie and yikes at the same time! It was a lot of work for me and Josh to get up at 6:30 every morning to take photos of the outfits before each day got started. Plus I agonized over the words, the slides, pretty much every aspect of the presentation; you name it, I second-guessed myself. But in the end, the Talk felt like a huge triumph! So many people showered me with love, and I started to realize for the first time that my outfit obsession and quest to be true to myself could actually inspire others, particularly those brave souls known as teenage girls. 

Giving TEDYou Talk
On stage at TEDActive! photo credit: Michael Brands / TED

Get ready, because I’m about to post the 7 outfits (plus the set of pajamas) I found to wear during this unforgettable week.

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Rainbow Rosie Sushi for Amy

My sister Amy lives in Starkville, Mississippi, so I don’t get to see her nearly as often as I’d like. But whenever I’m home, we always have the best time. She and her husband own Starkville’s best restaurant, and we like to close down its bar with a slightly intoxicated style all our own… She commandeers the sound system, we play our favorites for each other, then we end up dancing like idiots who don’t care who’s watching.

Here’s to my sister on her birthday. I love you and the person you’ve grown up to be. The best is yet to come!

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Postcard Love

Carolyn Sewell sent a hand-drawn typographic postcard to her parents every day for a year. Reading them, I find myself trying to figure out the circumstances under which they were drawn… was Carolyn in a good mood that day? An angry, bad or silly one? Where did she find the inspiration for her phrase of the day? I also imagine her parents, walking to the mailbox to find their daily candid phrase. How happy it must have made them to have this special daily glimpse into their creative daughter’s life? “Pants Status: On” especially cracks me up, because I believe that comes from an illicit Tweet sent from my account.

HUZAHH! I arrived at my office this morning to learn Carolyn is now extending the postcard love “to her peeps.” Being one such peep, I can officially report first hand, getting a hand drawn piece of mail totally brightens your day! Especially when it reads “DOUBLE ROYGBIV” in every color of the rainbow.

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Stairway to Color Heaven

This house rocks my world for reasons that go way beyond color (storage, light, terrace, rotating bed!), but let’s be honest, the rainbow theme doesn’t hurt. Watch the video to see what I mean.

I’m pretty sure my body has some sort of physiological response to this staircase. My pulse actually quickened the first time I saw it. Growing up, there was a house in my neighborhood that stood apart from the rest because the back staircase was painted rainbow (each step was a different color, and they were arranged chromatically). I was obsessed with this house long before I was conscious of my love for color. If it looked like that on the outside, what must it be like inside!? Adults used to tell me the lady who lived there was really crazy. It turns out, now that I’m an adult and have actually met her, she is simply an artist. HA! Way to go, adults.

If I ever have my own set of stairs, the first thing I’ll do is paint them.

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Double Rainbow Meaning

This is my rainbow scarf. It’s my favorite scarf, not only because… well, it’s a rainbow, but because it reminds me of who I was with when I found it: one of my dearest and oldest friends, Laura Howell McQueen.

For me, the sight of this scarf always evokes the mental image of Laura and her daughter Anne Parks as we giggled through the Fondren, Mississippi thrift store that summer day trying on hats and purses. That’s where I came upon this scarf. And what more could I ask for on a dreary winter day? Wearing this is like wrapping myself in a hug from one of my favorite people. All my second-hand items have extra meaning to me. I always remember exactly where I was and who I was with when each one came into my life.

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How a Rainbow Princess Says Thank You

Who needs all those other silly colors when you’ve got pink and purple at hand? And adding smiley faces to the clouds? That’s nothing less than a touch of genius! This resplendent example of rainbowdom was created for me by the four-year-old Ella Joy as a thank you for helping her live her wish to be a Rainbow Princess for Halloween. As if seeing her excitement upon delivery of the costume wasn’t enough! Every time I look at this my heart becomes a puddle.

I also, totally unnecessarily, received a very generous Amazon thank you gift certificate, with which I almost immediately purchased this. Now I just need Kelli to come over and show me how to work it! Thank you, Ella (and Tina).

Winter Bash!

Admittedly this post is a bit late for a party that took place on December 14, but my head still spins just thinking about it! AIGA/NY, James Victore, LIVE Karaoke, Mint Juleps and a Rainbow Skirt!!!! Where do I even start?

A tad bit of back story… In June I became a board member of the New York Chapter of the AIGA. That in and of itself is pretty awesome because it means I get to hang with the rest of the board (all amazing designers and people) and help plan some great events for our 3,000 members: Printmaking at Etsy, Designer Bowling, you get the picture.

For our December event at Galapagos Art Space, our President, Jennifer Kinon, set a specific directive: we’ve been working hard ALL year, and now it’s time to have some fun! So we decided we’d throw a Winter Bash. We asked the talented and always entertaining James Victore to come talk to us about what he’s been up to (spoiler alert: it involves shot guns), and then hired the fabulous Crash Course Karaoke to give our members an opportunity to be the rock stars they’ve always dreamed of. Mint juleps ensured everyone was feeling festive, and a fun photo booth filled with fake snow brought out everyone’s wacky side. As if all that wasn’t enough, my mom made a special skirt for me… and it’s a RAINBOW! This is the grown up (and I use that word lightly) version of the Rainbow Princess costume I made for Ella at Halloween. (Photos of the two of us together are coming soon!)

My own personal highlights from the evening included…

Seeing our board members cut loose (see the photo above). I’m hanging with Jason Santa Maria, Jennifer Kinon, Chris Rubino, Willy Wong, Julia Hoffmann, Matteo Bologna and Doug Filiak.

Winter Bash Victore + Kick Line
James Victore doing Neil Diamond with a Santa kick line behind him.

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