Working Girl

Around the fifth grade, I became enthralled by the concept of the high-powered female executive. My only real exposure came through movies, but I had an intense desire to tote a briefcase through a crowded crosswalk and take an elevator to my office where an assistant would be waiting to hand me messages. I’d stand in front of a packed conference table gesturing at a giant, upward-pointing fever chart, and this would ultimately result in applause from my fellow suit wearers, even the stodgy old guy who was skeptical a woman could hold her own in the boardroom. Of course, the whole fantasy was edited together montage-style in my head over a song about getting a leg up and not turning back. I didn’t really know what kind of work this meant I’d be doing, but I was clear it would garner two things I desperately wanted: respect and the opportunity to wear skirt suits and heels.

  • pleated blouse - $2.00 Columbus Palmer Home Thrift
  • skinny belt - $1.00 Columbus Palmer Home Thrift
  • checked linen skirt - $3.00 Columbus Palmer Home Thrift
  • peep-toe pumps - $2.00, Hush Puppies, Columbus Palmer Home Thrift
  • TOTAL - $8.00

Now that I’m a designer in Brooklyn and get to wear whatever I want, I can’t imagine a life that requires pantyhose. But it’s fun to play dress up when I can find everything at a thrift store for under $10.

And now, I’d like to take a second to honor the genius of Joan Cusack, starring opposite her hair and makeup, in this reality check from Working Girl...


  1. Rachel

    Jessi, coincidentally enough, I just watched Working Girl again the night before I left for my trip. What a classic.

    Also thought you’d be happy to know that I picked up a lovely straw stetson hat in Catania for a whopping 2.50 Euros. Nice.

  2. Daron

    That’s great!- and I think you’ve inspired me to give a male version a try.
    Been telling myself for a while to check out our local clothing only thrift.

  3. Denis

    You teach us to be who we want to !
    thank you Jessi

  4. dred

    amazing ^_^

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