Winter Bash!

Admittedly this post is a bit late for a party that took place on December 14, but my head still spins just thinking about it! AIGA/NY, James Victore, LIVE Karaoke, Mint Juleps and a Rainbow Skirt!!!! Where do I even start?

A tad bit of back story… In June I became a board member of the New York Chapter of the AIGA. That in and of itself is pretty awesome because it means I get to hang with the rest of the board (all amazing designers and people) and help plan some great events for our 3,000 members: Printmaking at Etsy, Designer Bowling, you get the picture.

For our December event at Galapagos Art Space, our President, Jennifer Kinon, set a specific directive: we’ve been working hard ALL year, and now it’s time to have some fun! So we decided we’d throw a Winter Bash. We asked the talented and always entertaining James Victore to come talk to us about what he’s been up to (spoiler alert: it involves shot guns), and then hired the fabulous Crash Course Karaoke to give our members an opportunity to be the rock stars they’ve always dreamed of. Mint juleps ensured everyone was feeling festive, and a fun photo booth filled with fake snow brought out everyone’s wacky side. As if all that wasn’t enough, my mom made a special skirt for me… and it’s a RAINBOW! This is the grown up (and I use that word lightly) version of the Rainbow Princess costume I made for Ella at Halloween. (Photos of the two of us together are coming soon!)

My own personal highlights from the evening included…

Seeing our board members cut loose (see the photo above). I’m hanging with Jason Santa Maria, Jennifer Kinon, Chris Rubino, Willy Wong, Julia Hoffmann, Matteo Bologna and Doug Filiak.

Winter Bash Victore + Kick Line
James Victore doing Neil Diamond with a Santa kick line behind him.

Winter Bash Snowflake Type
The decorating committee’s use of Jessica Hische’s Snowflake typeface.

Winter Bash Jessica Hische At Last
Jessica Hische in her full beaded gown and updo singing At Last. (Seriously, what is that lady NOT talented at?)

Winter Bash Tina Juggling
Tina showing me her juggling skills.

Winter Bash Mint Julep Snow Cone Signage
Mint Julep signage, designed by Josh Smith and handpainted by Aymie Spitzer.

Winter Bash Mint Julep Snow Cone
Mint Juleps, handmade by Josh Stewart.

Winter Bash Total Eclipse
Rob Weychert and Jerri Chou KILLING Total Eclipse of the Heart.

Winter Bash Photo Booth
Snowball fights at the photo booth.

Winter Bash Snow Angels
Snow angels at the photo booth.

Winter Bash Photo Booth
Mr. Victore’s moustache.

Winter Bash Josh and Creighton
The smiles of old friends.

Winter Bash Rainbow Skirt
And let us not forget, RAINBOW SKIRT! (Thanks Mom!!!)

A very special thanks to Denise Ginley and Steven Robinson for being our brave photo booth photographers and Irina Lee for being our event photographer! You can find LOTS more photos on AIGA/NewYork’s Flickr.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention how truly dedicated to the endeavor our decorating committee was. Josh Smith led the charge, and we had a fun get together at our Studiomates space prior to the event to get everything ready. It was just like being back in high school decorating for prom!

Winter Bash Decorating
Kelli Anderson and Aymie Spitzer cutting snowflake typography.

Rainbow Mug Coco with marshmallows
To keep our spirits up, Larry Legend made us all hot chocolate! This is what happens when he asks if you want marshmallows and you answer in the affirmative.


  1. Matt Convente

    The Winter Bash was such a great time, so many thanks for organizing such a fun event!  I’ll certainly be there next year!

  2. Creighton

    Such a good holiday party!! Thanks to AIGA/NY and its Community Committee for putting on another great event. Looking forward to the 2011 line up.

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