Who Wants to Show This Dress a Good Time?

It’s finally here! Happy Valentine’s Day! I’m wrapping up this week of red and pink with a color blast from the past. I can only imagine the fun this dress has seen since it left the rack for the first time in what I’m going to guess was 1986.

But the fun doesn’t end here; this dress is about to hit the road! Proudly presenting Lucky So and So’s first ever (drumroll please)...

Closet Share

Do you have a special occasion, dance party or walk in the the park coming up that’s crying out for some pink ruffley goodness? Share your idea for the dress and become one of its next wearers!

Here’s how I think it will go down: I’ll chose three people whose ideas for the dress I like, and they will in turn send me their mailing addresses. I’ll send the dress to the first person on the list who will wear it, document it, dryclean it and then be responsible for shipping it to the next person on the list. Kind of like clothing chain mail… or Netflix for dresses? I’m really into collaborative consumption, and I’ve been searching for some way to creatively lessen my closet’s load. So let’s see how it goes! Ideas will be selected based on creativity and whimsy and may involve a guest judge. To be considered, submit your idea as a comment to this post by Thursday, February 17.

  • red heart glasses - $4 East Village Buffalo Exchange
  • red roses jacket - $16 East Village Buffalo Exchange
  • pink satin ruffle dress - $3 Zachary’s Smile
  • pink Eiffel Tower necklace - $6 Etsy (seller jillzabel)
  • red tights - $10 The Sock Man on St. Marks
  • aqua pumps - $3 Zachary’s Smile
  • TOTAL - $42

To be able to wear this dress, I guess you should be close to my size. I’m 5’8” and I usually wear sizes 4 or 6. The shoulder straps can be adjusted in the back to make the dress shorter. And as a rule, all my clothing is pretty easy to wear (nothing sharp poking you, no control top pantyhose necessary, etc.).

Pink Ruffle Detail

Aqua Shoes



  1. Aliona

    What a wonderfully kind & earth friendly idea. It would help keep the carbon footprint down if the dress traveled only locally. Just a thought…

  2. 3v3lyn

    Oh Jessi – you know I have always been jealous of your height. If only I were 5’8”!!!

  3. Carolyn Sewell

    I love this idea and love vintage clothes, especially former prom dresses…if I could wear your size I would be all over this. Dang! Oh what the dress and I could do in the nation’s capital! Sigh.

  4. ErinArt

    LOVE it!!! Looks AMAZING on you! I would so wear if I was close to your profile too! : ) 
    xoxo rock it on girl

  5. Jennette

    What a great idea!  And here I am, pregnant and fitting into NO awesome dresses.  ;)  I look forward to future opportunities!

  6. Megan Clegg

    I’m game! I’m a bit shorter than you but should otherwise be a good fit.

    My idea: I’m turning 23 on March 8th and will be celebrating the following weekend. I’m not sure what myself and my friends will be doing (Brooklyn bowl? SPiN? Wandering aimlessly while singing pop songs at the top of our lungs?) as I’m still relatively new to NYC and all it’s joys, but I would love to rock this dress while rocking out.

  7. Erin Kissane


    If it’ll fit in a small carry-on, I’d be honored to document its trip to a Caribbean island in the third week of March. I believe I can promise beach photos, cameos from local wildlife, and a cocktail that matches the dress. And a very, very thorough dry-cleaning afterward.

  8. kam

    Fabulous idea Miss So and So!

    Id have loved to be part of this challenge, as currently in the middle of a 6 month Stop the Shop challenge, so a new addition to play with for even a few days would have been fabulous! But sadly am a UK size 10-12 and living in london so not really an option to participate in the challenge. If i could this is how id wear it:

    Opaque tights in olive green, my fair isle cableknit long cardigan ( has dusky pink, olive green, cream and grey print) all belted at the waist and worn with my silver brogues.


  9. Laura

    Jes, I absolutely love this idea! I just wish you were my size.  :(

  10. melanirae

    I’m all about CollCons. Ever since I read What’s Mine is Yours I can’t imagine ever going back to a life of mindless consumption. Great idea and good luck. Can’t wait to read about how it turns out (if I didn’t live on the other side of the world I’d be all over this)!

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