Where Do Rainbow Princesses Come From?

When a Daddy Rainbow loves a Mommy Rainbow very much, their creativity has the special power to form a Double Rainbow! Add just the right amount of time and magic, and that’s how you get a Rainbow Princess. And maybe, just maybe, if all the circumstances are right, you might even wind up with an adorable Pot of Gold on your hands.

How amazing are my friends the Rainbow Family? Thank you, Tina, Gary, Ella and Tilo, for being such a colorful role model for how wonderfully fun a family can be. Thank you, Ella (and Tina) for asking me to help create this Rainbow Princess costume. And thank you, Erin Sparling, for photographing what I think amounts to the coolest family portrait ever.

Tilo as a Pot of Gold


  1. Grace Freedman

    So wonderful! I shared this and your terrific site with my daughter, budding junior fashion designer (at 11 yrs old), and she was very inspired. Awesome work! Thanks for sharing.

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