Wednesday’s Ms. Green Jeans

Nothing-new insight #4: Embrace your inner child! There’s lots of evidence to support the position that maintaining a childlike perspective is a key to creative thinking.

After the craziness of what was South By Southwest, I’m back to publishing my Week’s Worth of Undies outfits…

Sometimes people tell me I look like I’m playing dress up, or that I remind them of their seven-year-old. I smile and say thank you.

While at TEDActive, wearing only what I found in Palm Springs thrift stores, a fellow attendee asked…

Is this your style or is this what you happened to find here?

Kinda both. We all know no matter where I am I’d dress colorfully, so I’d say 70% of what I ended up wearing could have been the same if I’d been home in Brooklyn. But it was the other 30% that really got me excited: pastel hues and floral prints I might not normally wear, tons of “leisure wear” (hello elastic waistbands and over-sized casual blazers), and the mother load of tennis skirts! While I decided to forgo anything short and pleated, I did work hard to integrate what I decided to call mature-lady-in-a-western-oasis authenticity into my outfits.

Outfit Total - $38

red cowboy hat $3 As Good As New Palm Desert, CA
floral blouse $6 Goodwill - Moreno Valley Moreno Valley, CA
iridescent sequin tank $5 Revivals - Palm Desert Palm Desert, CA
magenta blazer $6 Revivals - Palm Desert Palm Desert, CA
green jeans $8 Collectors Corner Resale Shop Rancho Mirage, CA
brown riding boots $10 Collectors Corner Resale Shop Rancho Mirage, CA

In Palm Springs, it all comes full circle. One of the best shops I found was called Collector’s Corner. It’s operated to raise money for the Eisenhower Medical Centers, of which the Betty Ford Clinic is a part. The shop is clean, well stocked, has some very fair deals, and is operated by extremely sweet, enthusiastic, tell-it-like-it-is volunteers.

Collector's Corner
Making new friends at Collector’s Corner. I can’t wait to return!

green jeans outfit detail
Because I think iridescent sequins deserve a close up of their own.

iridescent sequins in the dark!
And look how fun iridescent sequins can be in the mood lighting of the TEDActive auditorium!


  1. Melita Tomlinson

    Yay!  So glad you’re resuming your chronicle of your week; you can put on ANYTHING and look great in it!!  Love seeing what you choose.

  2. Kathryn Mershon

    Thank goodness you are back! I was in withdrawal wondering whether we would ever see the remaining outfits! Please keep them coming. Fabulous finds. Love, Kathy

  3. Heather

    You are so awesome I can hardly stand it. Your blog is refreshing and entertaining and I can’t wait to read more.

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