Yesterday we set the World Record for “Largest Rainbow Parade” with 179 beautiful, colorful souls! I couldn’t believe it when RecordSetter announced the final count because 79, the year I was born, is my lucky number!

We’ll have TONS of photos from Mindy Best coming soon, but #RainbowParade goers’ photos and videos are already popping up all over the place, so Emily of RecordSetter set up this Storify. Here is one of my favorites so far: Jonathan Mann, who has been writing and recording a song a day for over 1000 days, made a music video that shows what it’s like to be in the belly of the parade…

I’ve followed Jonathan’s project for a bit now, and it has brought so many smiles to my face. I wish I had recognized him yesterday (under that cowboy hat painted green by my mom) so I could have given him a HUGE HUG!

But then I kind of wish I’d hugged EVERYONE who was there yesterday, everyone who made plans and took time to show up head-to-toe in one color instead of the other nice things they could have been doing on a lovely Saturday. It was only through our collective desire to simply do something fun and a unusual that we were able to spread so much JOY, first to ourselves and then to everyone who happened upon us.

I’m so overwhelmed with gratitude right now. Gratitude for friends who had to get out of their comfort zones to show up in a solid color, friends who arrived in pajamas because those are the most colorful things they own, friends who dressed as grey and were great enough sports to let us turn them orange (actually that was one specific friend), friends who commissioned theme songs, friends who couldn’t attend but sent their love from afar, and friends who brought it full force because for us, color is a true passion (this is just one example). Gratitude for kids who kept a smile, a band who played their hearts out, choreographers who inspired us, travelers from other states, and Kickstarter backers. Gratitude for my mom who danced over a mile, the full distance of the Brooklyn Bridge. Gratitude for OLD friends, for friends I’d only recently met, and for the new friends I made yesterday. So much gratitude I could barely sleep last night and will be floating on a rainbow cloud for days to come.

Isn’t the world an awe-inspiring place when parades, simply for the love of love, are not only possible, but a reality?

Oh, here’s what we looked like from above. And now I’m off to get ready for the next adventure.

The fabulous photo of the end of the parade (at the top of this post) is by my fabulous friend SwissMiss!


  1. madeleine colurmad bengtsson

    wow! congratulations!

  2. UpGemini

    Thanks again! I am still smiling :D
    here you can see my photos

  3. Heather

    Congratulations! SO fun. Wish I could have made the trip from Starkville! You make us smile!

  4. Twinkle Teacher

    This is so fab.  I learned about your site in Whole Living.  “There is something powerful and liberating about giving yourself permission to act on an idea simply because it brings you joy.”
    Well said, Jessi!  Have a happy, colorful day.

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