Tulips for Typekit

In keeping with this week’s theme of red and pink, I’m unveiling a brand new dress, found this weekend at the Brooklyn Flea. I was so excited to purchase this dress because while in theory I knew the tulip sleeve must exist, it is exceedingly rare. (I myself have never even seen a tulip sleeve in person.) I could barely contain my giddiness on the bus home from the Flea, and Creighton, goodness love him, actually acted just as excited. I guess it’s not hard to see why he’s the one for me.

Today deserves a very special dress because today is the first time an event (outside of Beer Friday) is being hosted in our Studiomates space! Two of my studiomates, Mandy Brown and Jason Santa Maria, are organizing a Typekit Talk with Tim Brown, and we’re expecting 75 attendees! Why wouldn’t I want to look my best?

  • pink satin ribbon barrette - borrowed from my friend Casson
  • pink beads - $2 Manhattan’s 23rd Street Salvation Army
  • red wrap dress - $30 Jelly Roll at Brooklyn Flea
  • purple tights - $10 The Sock Man on St. Marks
  • tan slouch cowboy boots - $48 Etsy (seller PureVintageClothing)
  • TOTAL - $90

Tulip Sleeve Dress Detail

Casson's Rose Barette
Remember these ribbon roses from the 80’s? My friend Casson brought this one to me after a trip to her childhood home in New Jersey. I think these are ready for a comeback!


  1. Christina

    LOVE the dress! Have to you been to Eva Gentry consignment in Brooklyn? They carry more higher end items but you can find some indie designers like rachel comey and mayle sometimes.

  2. Madeline

    Love this outfit! I watched you on TED and you are an inspiration to an aspiring designer like me! :)

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