Tuesday’s Calico Crazy

When I saw this dress, I knew I had to try it on. Since I’d never come across anything quite like it, I owed it to the thrift gods to give it a shot. To my shock, this became one of my favorite pieces of the entire week. I mean, what exactly is going on here? One part circus, one part artist’s studio, all parts nuts. All I know for sure is it’s a standout, and it was half price (originally marked $20, I got it for $10).

Nothing-New Insight #3
Fitting in is overrated. I spent a whole lot of my life trying to fit in and somehow be myself. JUST BE WHO YOU ARE. If you’re surrounding yourself with the right people, they’ll not only get it, they’ll support and appreciate it.

  • red and silver scarf - $1 Palm Desert Revivals
  • multi-colored dress - $10 Palm Springs Angel View Thrift
  • cowboy boots - $19 Moreno Valley Goodwill
  • TOTAL - $30

Crazy Calico

Thank goodness I had my two thrifting buddies, Kathy and Kathi with me, or I might have decided to pass this dress up. They were patently by my side in all the dressing rooms in all the thrift stores in Palm Springs. They, like me, couldn’t believe I was actually able to pull this one off, and they convinced me that while the cut of this dress could be categorized as “tent,” I did not in fact appear to be wearing one. That confirmed I should make it mine (at least for as long as this Week’s Worth of Undies Project will let me). Kathy and Jay are the parents of my good friend Alex (remember when I went to her bachelorette party?), and I stayed with them in their beautiful Palm Desert home along with their long-time friend (also visiting from New York), Kathi, while I did my pre-TED shopping. They were all three so supportive of me, and deserve a HUGE thank you! THANK YOU!! Kathy, your spirit is untamable and fearless, and that makes you one of my role models.

This dress will go to Kathy’s daughter and Alex’s sister, Tasha in New Orleans. I think this dress will find itself quite at home in a city that similarly defies definition. How exciting that my closet is making it all over the country!


  1. Amy Yates

    Cute, cute, cute!!! And no, it doesn’t look like a tent, because you, my beautiful sister, are one of those lucky soandsos, that has and amazing figure and looks great in anything!!! Love you!

  2. Bibi

    Love It !
    from Brussels

  3. tasha

    What a dress!!  I’m so excited, I only hope I can pull it off half as well as you!

  4. HL

    I saw your talk on TED and found your blog thru their website.. I love this dress! & I love your style~

    Lovely blog! Thanks!! :)

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