Thursday’s Ladylike Lavendar

Nothing-new insight #5: Confidence is the key. If you think you look good in something, you probably do. If you don’t think you look good, you’re also probably right.

Here’s the look I chose for giving my TEDYou Talk. Holy moly was I nervous. Telling my Week’s Worth of Undies story plus showing the outfits plus sharing my Nothing-New Insights in only 3 minutes? Yikes! I really had my work cut out for me. Here’s my little story about how it all went down…

Before your talk, the awesome TED team will tell you, “When you get up on stage, take a deep breath, center yourself and then start.” So at approximately 8:45 a.m. on Thursday morning, I took the TEDActive stage, took my breath, opened my eyes and noticed the giant red numbers on the timer already glaring 0:22 seconds at me. What? In that spilt second, I made the decision to just go for it in a way that felt right, and not look at the timer again. Adrenaline kicked in, somehow I hit all my points, I kept myself from being startled when the audience laughed or cheered, and then, it was done. Standing ovation! I can’t even explain the feeling of relief and joy. I was incredulous. I was frozen in space and time. I nearly teared up, and then like a spirit guide, Ricki Lake jumped on stage (um, yeah, didn’t I mention she was moderating the session?) and announced, “For the record, that was about a minute and a half over, but she was so darn cute I couldn’t stop her!” I shook her hand with true gratitude, resisted the overwhelming urge to scream, “I LOVE you, Ricki!” and exited stage left.

Outfit Total - $27

multi-colored bedazzled clip-ons $7 Collectors Corner Resale Shop Rancho Mirage, CA
lavender dress $8 Angel View Resale - Cathedral City Cathedral City, CA
metallic pink belt $3 Revivals - Palm Springs Palm Springs, CA
purple boots $9 Angel View Resale - Palm Springs Palm Springs, CA

clip detail

belt detail
Jewels, ruffles and pink metallic leather over lavender satin? Miss Piggy would approve.

shoot setup
Here’s a behind the scenes photo of what our “studio” looked like. It was on the side of a busy Palm Springs intersection, and there was more than a little honking as cars drove by. I couldn’t have done it without my faithful friend, Josh. Thanks for getting up with me at 6:30 a.m. to take these photos, buddy!


  1. Martha

    Jessi… what size shoe are you and when does the bidding begin on those boots?!

  2. Martha Taylor

    Wow! You’re getting really good with your posing!!
    Great Job! I love you, MOM

  3. Melita Tomlinson

    More, More, I want More!  Jessi, I absolutely ADORE these posts and your outfits!  I always KNEW you were beautiful too!

    Ms. Melita

  4. Kathryn Mershon

    Jessi, this is my favorite outfit yet! It’s beautiful on you. I’ve never seen you wear earrings before. The look is good on you. Do it some more. Love, Kathy

  5. rachael

    Spent some time perusing your blog and falling in love with it. I’ve recently started tweeting an outfit of the day (using mostly Goodwill/Salvation Army items!) and this is such inspiration. Awesome job!

    Your mom’s comment cracked me up. I think all moms sound the same on the internet. In a very good way.

  6. Kayce Hughes

    I am in love with your dress and excited to read more about you.  I found you via Urban Grace.

  7. Emily

    Another reason why I’m glad I visit often is that I was introduced to you! Loved your outfit and loved your talk but wished it could have been longer. I also like to shop at thrift stores (originally just for kicks but now because it’s all I can afford) and it’s so much fun. You have made a follower out of me.

  8. peiying peng

    that dress looks absolutely fabulous on you. 

    —swung by after watching your TED talk

  9. Janja

    You’ve been the best dressed ted speaker ever :) great dress

  10. Nissy Nevil

    wow Jessi, loved your TED talk, you look absolutely stunning in all your outfits, you are BEAUTIFUL! :)

    Thank you for that inspiring talk!

  11. arun

    Your TED talk made my day :) Truly inspiring.

  12. Salvor

    My sister sent me a link to your Ted talk.
    LOVED IT! <3

    I think the world would be filled with happy, well adjusted people if we simply expressed our true selves without fear of judgement.

  13. Noella

    Most original idea I’ve ever come across! Love the whole undies project.. Would love to see more continued

  14. Elizabeth

    this is an amazing person we are seeing. she is not afraid to be who she is. i look up to her. she is my role model.she is right, alway be yourself. dont try to fit in with the crowd.jessi ROCKS!!!!:):):):):):):)

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