The Weekender (in Red and Pink)

There was a lot to take care of in a weekend! Errands to run, work to catch up on, thrift stores, friends and art galleries to visit. For me, perfect weekend outfits mean comfort; shoes I can run in; plenty of pockets to stuff lip balm, receipts and cookies in; and color, lots and lots of color. This weekend’s color is in keeping with my theme for the week.

  • magenta cotton dress - $6 Manhattan’s 23rd Street Salvation Army
  • red tie belt - free (because vendor liked me!) Alameda Swap Meet
  • red cotton tights - $10 The Sock Man on St. Marks
  • heart-pattern Vans slip ons - $13 East Village Buffalo Exchange
  • maroon corduroy jacket - $20 Brooklyn Flea
  • TOTAL - $49 with jacket, $29 without

And now I’d like to share a beautiful message from my new friend Olimpia Zagnoli and her colleague Matt Van Ekeren... complete in red and pink!

Shouldn’t all radishes blossom into love, and shouldn’t all sneakers have hearts on them?

Heart slip-ons


  1. Jennette

    Very cute!  What’s your shoe size?  I feel like you must have the “perfect” thrifting shoe size because you find such good stuff.  It’s enough to make a size 11 girl sigh into her soup.  But if you’re a bigger-footed-woman like me, then there’s hope!

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