The Good, the Bad, and the Rainbow

The story of my first poncho, how it came to be mine, and who everyone says I look like when I wear it.

They say you never forget your first poncho. This is mine, and it was love at first sight. I spotted it from across a crowded field on a hot, muggy day of the most recent Brimfield Antique Market. As it was August, the last thing I wanted to touch was a heavy wool item, but I couldn’t resist the beautiful colors, and I knew my future self would thank me come winter. Man was I right! Wearing this is like hanging out inside a hug. And I always get smiles and winks from the people I pass. Based on this blog post title, which was suggested by my Studiomates, I gather my poncho makes me look like a Technicolor version of Clint Eastwood. Hey, I’m cool with that.

Outfit Total - $72

folk-artsy hat $20 Carousel Antiques Hudson, NY
rainbow poncho* $20 Brimfield Antiques Market Brimfield, MA
color wheel pendant necklace** gift from Maria
printed canvas vest $7 Buffalo Exchange - East Village Manhattan, NY
striped shirt $8 Buffalo Exchange - East Village Manhattan, NY
teal britches*** $3 Goodwill - St Matthews Louisville, KY
bright green belt $2 Goodwill - Livingston Street Brooklyn, NY
red roper boots $12 Repeat Street Revolution Starkville, MS

Clint as Blondie (the good) in The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

I see the resemblance!

* Originally, this poncho was priced at $30 and would have been worth every penny. But after the vendor recognized me for having helped him push his hand cart out of a rut in the mud earlier in the day, he offered it to me for $20.

Color Wheel Pendant Necklace from Yellow Owl Workshop

** This handmade pendant necklace by Yellow Owl Workshop in San Francisco was an extremely thoughtful gift from my Studiomate Maria Popova. I wear it all the time; it goes with everything! You can get one of your own here. If you don’t already subscribe to Maria’s amazing blog, you should. She writes relentlessly about, well, pretty much everything I can think of related to culture and creativity, and I learn about amazing things from her.

*** My friend Casson calles these britches my “Z. Cavariccis.” I wish!


  1. Soccer Mom Style

    love the poncho and the story behind it.  But especially love the vest!
    will check Maria’s links.

  2. Amber

    “Rainbow” is my favorite search on Etsy! :) Love the brightness and joy of it all!

  3. Alice

    found your blog through your TED talk! I like the idea of sustainable fashion and its definitely fun to put outfits together :) and that poncho is such a great find.

  4. Selma

    Today I watched your speech for
    You are so beautiful: inside and outside :)

    I wore my bright red pants today.

  5. Amélie

    I saw your Ted Talk, it gave me courage. :) I always wanted to dress up differently than what the trend was… everyone looking the same is depressing. Thanks for daring and I hope my positive comment can annihilate some bad ones you may have received. ^_^ You are beautiful!

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