Swiss Miss Party Get Up

What kind of party involves cheese, a giant Riiiiicolaaaa! style horn and amazing designer friends? The SwissMiss=5 Party of course! My friend and studiomate Tina, better known as Swiss Miss, just celebrated the fifth birthday of her blog, and I decided to dress the theme. Big shocker, right? This one was a bit of work, but the look on Tina’s face when she saw me dressed in the style of her homeland made it totally worth any trouble… even the gigantic third degree glue gun burn I sustained to my arm. In case you want to make your own Appenzeller costume, I’ve outlined the steps.

sawing plastic cow
Step 1. Procure and saw a plastic cow in half using a bread knife.

getting golden
Step 2. Paint cow halves gold.

moo glue
Step 3. Glue golden cow halves to a ribbon trimmed with fringe.

vest pattern
Step 4. Email convoluted vest pattern and measurements to your mom in Mississippi.

sewing trim
Step 5. Sew crazy trim all over vest.

swiss jig
Step 6. Assemble, accessorize, grab a drink and do a jig!

Here is some more fun from the event photo booth, and as you can see, the party was a real blast. Tina, you throw an awesome party, and you’re a one-of-a-kind role model for design goodness and fun!

SwissMiss=5 photobooth
SwissMiss=5 photobooth
SwissMiss=5 photobooth


  1. swissmiss

    You, my friend, are a true inspiration!

  2. Jason Santa Maria

    That poor cow!

  3. ErinArt

    this is truly, completely and wonderfully you and fantastically amazing! xoxoxo

  4. sunny

    How come it’s never your kind of lunatic that takes over the asylum?
    More, please.

  5. Sanya Deshpande

    How amazing are you! This is phenomenal :)

  6. Jax

    I like the part about sending “convoluted vest pattern and measurements to your mom in Mississippi.” because that is EXACTLY what I would do.

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