Summer Stripes in the City

It’s officially summer in the city! So I made up this outfit comprised of some of summer’s best: sandals, stripes and sun hats.

Everything I’m wearing today came from a single trip to one my favorite second-hand shops: Side Show in Hudson, New York. Ya gotta love one-stop shopping! (I got several other great things on this trip I can’t wait to wear.)

We can call these items one, two, three and four of my 100 items for summer.

Outfit Total - $70

straw hat $22 Side Show Hudson, NY
striped sleeveless shirt $15 Side Show Hudson, NY
striped drawstring pants $15 Side Show Hudson, NY
black sandals $18 Side Show Hudson, NY
rainbow pendant necklace birthday gift from Creighton (via Etsy)

gross ice cream sandwich
I thought I’d eat an ice cream sandwich because it would look summery, but I think this one has been in our studio fridge since last summer. It was disgustingly freezer burned, but note I still took at least 3 bites before giving up. I’d love to say I was trying to stay true to my new no-quitting-in-the-middle, anti-perfectionism pledge. But in reality, I think the responsibility lies with my addiction to sugar.

Side Show store front
Here’s what Side Show looks like from the outside, situated on Hudson’s packed-full-of-antique-goodness Warren Street.

Side Show Pink Jump Suit
And here’s Side Show’s inside, full of well priced yet super stylish second-hand clothes and shoes. Why yes, that is a ruffled, hot pink, one-piece jump suit. Thank you for asking!


  1. Prescott Perez-Fox

    The stripes are totally cute! (And that’s a phrase I don’t think I’ve ever used. So you know I mean it.)

  2. Sana

    love love loveee you. totally promoting your page on facebook :D

  3. caleb

    omgosh you are so good you should join your .fashion is so unique that i inspire you to go to the nate show :) it would be amazing if you are on the show.

  4. Martha Taylor

    Love it!!!! Looks like you belong on a sailboat. Or maybe a “gondOla” and Nanie says:):)

  5. michele morcos

    Hi Jessi… just found your lovely blog all the way down here in Sydney Australia and just had to say hello as, like you, I am mad about colour!!! My inspirations come from the world of art, and of course fashion. But you are indeed inspiring with your fun and happy vibe to colour and fashion… take care and enjoy the summer! I wish we had some warm weather down here at the moment!!! michelex

  6. Annamaria Potamiti

    Hi Jessi, what fun! I just watched you TED talk- great stuff! I am not sure what the anti-perfectionism pledge is but it sounds intelligent!
    Love that pink outfit-Have a great day-x

  7. raffaela

    I found my soul sister, yes! I love to go second hand, I like to use unusual material for curtains and other uses…like pillows and bed covers.
    They say i paint my own rainbows…and I like to find and wear hats.. while spreading smiles…I am 62 back in school and just like you, my inner child alive and well.
    Which I could be in your world in New york. Lately, thought about pajamas, what i found in stores was boring so I decided to design my own..
    Be colorful

    happy rainbow day..

  8. Monica

    squeee! I love it! You should come and visit Canberra, the op shops here are AMAZING. All those overpaid public servants who buy new clothes every year. LOL - I win!

    Also, I saw this, and thought of you. Happy rainbows! :):):)

  9. Drazan

    Great presentation at Ted, way to go, congrats,


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