Red Racer

I like to wear things that make me feel like I’m going fast. For example, I have a pair of metallic silver tennis shoes I call the Speed Cats, and I wear when I’ve got lots to accomplish. These pants go in that category. Maybe it’s that they’re red, or maybe it’s the smart racing stripe down the side. As soon as I put them on, I feel like sprinting out of my apartment, all the way down the street and into my office to kick some major design butt. HighYAH!

  • plaid button-down - $2.00, Starkville Palmer Home Thrift
  • striped scarf for belt - $1.00, Columbus Palmer Home Thrift
  • striped slacks - $2.00, Starkville Salvation Army Thrift
  • Chuck Taylors with red laces - already in my closet
  • TOTAL - $5.00


  1. sunny

    Those pants do look like racing pants.  Love your take on the clothes.  Makes sense to me!

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