Rainbow Rosie Sushi for Amy

My sister Amy lives in Starkville, Mississippi, so I don’t get to see her nearly as often as I’d like. But whenever I’m home, we always have the best time. She and her husband own Starkville’s best restaurant, and we like to close down its bar with a slightly intoxicated style all our own… She commandeers the sound system, we play our favorites for each other, then we end up dancing like idiots who don’t care who’s watching.

Here’s to my sister on her birthday. I love you and the person you’ve grown up to be. The best is yet to come!

Amy's Rosie Rainbow Sushi Note

Amy's Rosie Rainbow Sushi


  1. Kim

    We ate at The Veranda when we visited Starkville in November.  The food was great, and the service was excellent, even though they were swamped by the crowd in town for the MSU football game.

  2. Amy Yates

    Thank you my sweet, beautiful sister. What a pleasant birthday surprise! Thanks for watching Glee and “warming up” before singing to me last night, it was beautiful, sorry I missed hearing it in person. Thanks for such a thoughtful and creative birthday tribute, of course you never deliver anything else! I love you!!!!

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