Questions of Confidence

Shelly, a high school senior, reached out to me with some questions she and her friends had about finding confidence, expressing yourself and role models. These are the spontaneous video responses I made…

Shelly’s Question from Jessi Arrington on Vimeo.

Emily’s Question from Jessi Arrington on Vimeo.

Jeanette’s Question from Jessi Arrington on Vimeo.

I’m truly impressed by Shelly and her friends. They created a Confidence Commission for fellow students, with a mission to empower girls and promote the importance of reflecting inner beauty and personality on the outside. Go Shelly! Get your confidence ON!!


  1. Judy B.

    Great suggestions, Jessi! I would add just one ‘heads up’ for the girls: Be prepared to get some negative reactions when you start acting/being more confident. It’s unfortunate—and I’m certainly NOT saying you shouldn’t go ahead and be confident anyway—but that’s the way it is. I just think (hope) it’s helpful to know to expect it, and to know that it isn’t personal, it’s just the way some people are, especially in this misogynist society that prefers women to be meek and insecure.

  2. Martha Taylor

    Yes. That’s true Judy B. there are people out there that like to “squelch” confidence and enthusiasm. BUT! People with negative opinions don’t count because they don’t matter. What matters is the opinion you have of yourself. If you love it, like Jessi says, “ON IT!”  So, DISREGUARD ALL NEGATIVITY!

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