Postcard Love

Carolyn Sewell sent a hand-drawn typographic postcard to her parents every day for a year. Reading them, I find myself trying to figure out the circumstances under which they were drawn… was Carolyn in a good mood that day? An angry, bad or silly one? Where did she find the inspiration for her phrase of the day? I also imagine her parents, walking to the mailbox to find their daily candid phrase. How happy it must have made them to have this special daily glimpse into their creative daughter’s life? “Pants Status: On” especially cracks me up, because I believe that comes from an illicit Tweet sent from my account.

HUZAHH! I arrived at my office this morning to learn Carolyn is now extending the postcard love “to her peeps.” Being one such peep, I can officially report first hand, getting a hand drawn piece of mail totally brightens your day! Especially when it reads “DOUBLE ROYGBIV” in every color of the rainbow.


Did I mention Carolyn, Josh (giving the thumbs up) and I all spent time in the Mississippi State University Art Department?


  1. Carolyn Sewell

    Huzahh is right…not only did this photo of you, Josh, the card (and a fabulously coordinated scarf from MS!) completely make my week, but that you posted both my postcard projects on LSAS is beyond rad. I also love that you have been a PTMP contributor, and now, a recipient…coming full circle.

    I heart you people and can’t wait to see you this fall when I visit Brooklyn! Thanks again Jessi!

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