Pink Glitter and a Great Cause

Speaking of Miss Piggy, how much would she LOVE this new style from Toms? She’d probably karate chop anybody who tried to stop her from owning them. I’ve had a pair of gold glitter Toms for years, and whenever I wear them, little girls gasp and tell me with wide eyes how much they like my shoes. One even asked, “Are those princess shoes?” to which I earnestly replied, “Yup.”

“But Jessi,” you say, “I thought you didn’t buy anything new.” That’s true for them most part, but Toms is one of the few brands for which I happily make an exception. Why? Because for every pair of Toms bought, a pair gets donated to a child in need. Toms is a super cool company with sustainable business practices (they even won the Cooper Hewitt People’s Design Award). These shoes meet all my major criteria: they’re colorful, they’re responsible, and I can run away in them. I whole-heartedly endorse Toms, and someday I’d like to go on one of their shoe drops. If you’ve got a little one in your life, check out these adorable tiny sizes!

The wonder and beauty of these pink glitter Toms brought about what I now see was inevitable: my addiction to Svpply. (Thanks, Ben and Deroy!) I wanted to remember to buy these later, and friends at Brooklyn Beta told me that Svpply is a great way to keep up with that. The really fun part is that I now get to see what my friends like/want/need. It’s lovely, especially if you’ve got lots of designery friends with amazing taste. Warning: you WILL get sucked in. If you’re on it, send me a note so I can follow you.


  1. Alissa Walker

    TOMS glitter shoes are stylish and incredibly comfortable! I wore a gold pair the entire summer in NYC when I was researching my architecture guide: But now I think I have to get pink…

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