Pink Polka-Dot Pony

This reminds me of something Nanie (that’s my grandmother) would’ve had in her closet back in the day… the two of us share many traits, one of which is a love of polka dots. From the tag, I believe this top is actually pajamas, but I won’t tell anyone if you won’t. Somehow all of these lovely pinkish magentaish pieces were lying in wait for me at a single thrift shop in Columbus, Mississippi. And when I went to the shop down the road, the first thing I spotted was this stick horse (a.k.a. my new best friend) with coordinating pink hair. Perfection!

  • polka-dot, long-sleeve tee - $1.00, Columbus Palmer Home Thrift
  • belt - $1.00, Columbus Palmer Home Thrift
  • skirt - $3.00, Columbus Palmer Home Thrift
  • mary janes - $2.00, Columbus Palmer Home Thrift
  • stick horse - $.70, Columbus Salvation Army Thrift
  • TOTAL - $7.70 with stick horse, $7.00 without

If you’re a huge fan of the HBO series Bored To Death (set in Brooklyn!) like I am, then you’ll immediately know why I had to have this cute stick pony. For seventy cents, how could I not bring home my very own version of Janet? In case you’re not familiar, here’s a quick clip from the introduction of the “character” Janet to the show…

Later in this episode, Janet plays a strategic role when Ted Danson’s character uses her as a weapon to slow down black mailers that are after Jason Schwartzman’s character. I just need to find something sparkly I can fashion into a horn and attach in order to turn my pony into a unicorn! The second season of Bored To Death starts September 26. Creighton, Janet Jr. and I can hardly wait! (Janet Jr. has an amazing sense of humor.)

Me and my new pony friend



  1. Jess

    Love your various outfit poses! I must say, you have the McCall’s pattern pose down pat. Looking forward to more of your great sense of humor.

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