Palm Springs Second-hand Bike Tour

On Monday I took a group of AWESOME intrepid TEDActive attendees on a tour of Palm Springs second-hand shops BY BIKE! I can’t wait to share the stories and photos of the fun we had! But I’m busy soaking in amazing ideas and people here at TEDActive. In the meantime, a lot of attendees who couldn’t attend the tour (we only had enough bikes for 20) have asked where they can go to hit some shops before they head out of town. Ask and ye shall receive! Here’s the list of stores we visited on our tour…

Deja Vu
664 N Palm Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, CA
(760) 699-5365

This is a brand new boutique with beautiful, color-saturated examples of vintage clothing. It’s not “cheap,” but you can find plenty of show stoppers for under $50. And a beautiful purple brocade tuxedo jacket that you can wear to tell people YOU BRING THE PARTY for the rest of your life is justifiable at $125!

611 S Palm Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, CA
(760) 318-6491

This is where you can GO NUTS! Pricing is similar to a Goodwill, and know your dollars are going to support AIDS-related initiatives charities in the Palm Springs area. Flash the volunteer workers here a smile and a nod, and you’ll come to find they are some of the nicest and most cheerful people in retail.

Angel View
454 N Indian Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, CA
(760) 318-6491

This store is kind of like a thrift mullet: serious in the front, party in the back. Walking through the front entrance, you’ll find the curated vintage pieces ($10-$50-ish range). Find the secret door to the back, and you’ll be firmly in $5 clothes and accessory territory as well as some non-fashion finds. And the money you spend goes toward helping developmentally disabled young people (one thing they do is throw a super fun PROM!).

The Galleria
457 N Palm Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, CA

The whole space is divided into small shops filled with highly curated yet fairly priced antiques (books, dishes, art, furniture and more). Mr. Cox is a teensy power-packed upscale vintage fashion boutique. It’s probably more of a look than touch place, but it’s certainly worth the look.

AND if you have a car, one more of my favorites that’s just down the road in Rancho Mirage…

The Collector’s Corner
71280 California 111, Rancho Mirage, CA

This is connected with and benefits the Eisenhower Medical Center. TONS of great clothing, obviously donated by the Palm Springs senior citizen community, and super awesome exactly for that reason. The ladies that work here are beautiful, colorful people!


Bike Palm Springs
625 N Palm Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, CA
(760) 832-8912

Great prices and customer service. If there are two of you, get a TANDEM bike the way Creighton and I did!


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