Orange Day at the Races

The inspiration for a nothing-new outfit can come from a tiny detail. In this case, it was this yellow, orange and brown striped scarf. As soon as I spotted it at the thrift store, I remembered an orange dress from a few racks back that I’d originally thought was too plain. Once I trimmed the brim of this orange straw hat (it had to be cut because it was too big, even for me), I was ready for my day at Churchill Downs circa 1973!

  • straw hat - $1.40, Columbus Salvation Army Thrift
  • sunglasses - $3.00, 23rd Street Manhattan Salvation Army Thrift
  • linen dress - $4.00, Columbus Palmer Home Thrift
  • striped scarf - $0.50, Columbus Palmer Home Thrift
  • mary janes - $2.00, Columbus Palmer Home Thrift
  • TOTAL - $10.90

How could I not fall in love with a scarf that looks like it was inspired by the color palette of the Price Is Right Showcase Showdown? This image may be blurry, but the color is as vivid as the first day Bob Barker stepped on set…

Price Is Right Showcase Showdown

And speaking of horse racing in 1973, have you seen the previews for the movie Secretariat set to debut in October? The costumes for Diane Lane by Julie Weiss look like they’re going to be super authentic and thusly spectacular…

Secretariat Movie

I’m a sucker for the 70’s and surmounting odds, so I’ll be seeing this one for sure.


  1. Natalie

      You are hilarious! I love the Swiss Alps piece!!!!! I hope that you wear that outfit while hunting and drinking Swiss Miss.

  2. Natalie

    That would be Jessi…

  3. Jessi Arrington

    Thanks, Natalie! Thank you for checking out the blog. I hope we’ll see you at the Derby this year!!

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