Nice Circles

If looking like you belong in a Dick Tracy comic is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.

Geometric shapes in primary colors? Oh yeah. Hunting in the basement of a Connecticut thrift store, this dress was pointed out to me by my four-year-old shopping companion, Lucy. And I don’t know about you, but if something catches the eye of a thrifty pre-kindergardener, and it’s only two dollars, it’s a must-have in my book. And can you believe I found this hat at the same store for only three dollars? Score.

Outfit Total - $43

hat $3 Laurel House Thrift Store Stamford, CT
dress $2 Laurel House Thrift Store Stamford, CT
belt hand-me-down from my mom
tights $8 Buffalo Exchange - East Village Manhattan, NY
shoes $19 Beacon's Closet - Manhattan Store Manhattan, NY
purse $11 Beacon's Closet - Manhattan Store Manhattan, NY

While wearing this dress at the super fun Cleveland design conference, WMC Fest, the adorable and hilarious mom of my my adorable and hilarious friend Tuesday pointed at my dress and told me that she liked my “circles,” hence the title of this post. It just so happened my lovely friend Carolyn was also wearing circles that day, so hanging out together, we kinda looked like a summery Pop art gang. (We were even covered side-by-side half-way through this ILTHY street style post.) Here’s a WMC Fest wrap-up video in which I make a little cameo commenting about what makes the event special. If you’re anywhere the Midwest in June, I highly recommend attending WMC Fest.

circles dress and purse details

Thank you to one of our newest Studiomates, the amazing and talented Julia Robbs, for helping me capture these pics.


  1. Carolyn Sewell

    This makes me miss you all over again! Great post. Rock the dots!

  2. Rosi

    Love the dots!! Great dress!

  3. barbara

    great outfit all around!  Love the hat and that purse…  wish there were more people dressing like you!  The world would be a brighter place!  :)

  4. The Fashion Operation

    Hi there,
    I saw your lecture on TED on netflix like five seconds ago. I just want to say that you are so AWESOME. Its like I have found another human being that is exactly like my style-self. Buying thrift/retro and vintage is so much fun and I have always tried to tell people that you can wear anything you like, as long as you feel good and love yourself. Anyone can pull anything off.
    I hate trends, they contradict individuality that the fashion industry claims they support.

    I love and appreciate what you do.


  5. Titi

    Hi Jessi!

    I’d like to thank you for your great lecture on TED, and hope that you stay happy all the time.
    And I want to ask you something… Why don’t you let your hair get longer ? I think that way, you’ll change a lot ! Please try once ;)

    I wish you best wishes.


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