My Go-To Rainbow

If we’ve met, it’s likely you’ve seen me wear this dress. A favorite of mine for obvious reasons (hello rainbow stripes!), it’s extremely easy to wear due to its t-shirt-like top, elastic waist and full skirt. I love the buttons on the shoulder, the puff sleeves, and the fact that it leaves no direction of stripe stone unturned; it’s got vertical, horizontal and diagonal!

  • rainbow-stripe dress - $20, Jelly Roll at Brooklyn Flea
  • wooden beads - borrowed from Creighton, Maui Salvation Army
  • red tights - $10, The Sock Man on St. Marks
  • buckle pumps - $25, Alameda Swap Meet
  • TOTAL - $65

I wore this in September to the thought-provoking Feast Conference (thrown by our studiomate Jerri). Several people approached me during conference breaks to comment on my colorful attire, and I decided wearing a rainbow is kind of like wearing a badge that says “talk to me if you appreciate whimsy.” At a place like the Feast, where the attendees are just as delightful, motivated and talented as the speakers, having a reason for people to approach you is priceless. Although I have to admit, I did get a bit of a negative reaction from one attractive young woman in town from Miami. She recognized me from the Internet and scolded, “I looked all over your blog because I knew I only had one weekend to shop in New York, and you never list the places you go!” Well, never fear! A list of all my favorite resources is in the works. Hopefully I’ll have it ready for you as a New Year’s present!

One secret I’ll have to admit is that I buy my tights as large as I can because I like for them to be totally opaque (more stretch = more show through), and because I’m kind of a baby about wearing things that pinch, squish or squeeze. But this can lead to some uncomfortable situations. Throughout the Feast, I was experiencing acute bouts of crotch-around-the-knees syndrome (my friend Jessica Hische made an illustrated summary of a similar situation), and at the end of the night while dancing it up with Jerri at the awesome post-Feast feast, I almost lost my tights all together! At that moment I vowed to always wear an extra pair of undies over my tights so that unexpected dances to banjo music will always be a welcome part of my life. I bought a few pairs of red cotton underwear just for this purpose. If I end up biting the dust, skirt flying over my head, at least the effect will be comical. And who doesn’t like going through their day feeling just a little bit like Super Man?

Go-to Rainbow Dress detail

Thanks to Creighton for loaning me these wooden beads from his college summer in Hawaii, and to Erin Sparling for once again having the talent, patience and sense of humor to take these photos for me. Erin has been in Japan(!), and I’m looking forward to hearing about his exploits over a couple glasses of bourbon.



  1. Jenny S.

    I have a dress a lot like this (bought off of Ebay), but I cut the sleeves off and wear it like that.

  2. Jessi Arrington

    Jenny, I’ll bet that looks awesome on you. And I’m so excited you’re going to be a parent! What a lucky kid that will be to have a mom as talented and super cool as you!!

  3. Jenny S.

    Thanks, Jessi.  You’re too kind. ;) 

    I’m really enjoying your blog, btw!

  4. MisssDelish

    I like you. We should be friends!!!!!!!

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