According to Ms. MacLaine

“I don’t feel there’s any difference between what you feel you have to do in your heart and success. They’re inseparable.”

Shirley MacLaine clicking heels

Three questions I had to ask myself based on the assumption that Shirley MacLaine dropped a major truth bomb when, upon accepting the Oscar for Best Actress for her role inTerms of Endearment she made the statement above:

  1. Does “what I feel I have to do in my heart” come from what I truly believe, as opposed to something I’ve been taught, conditioned or programmed to believe?

  2. Do I have the conviction to act on “what I feel I have to do in my heart,” even if it doesn’t seem to make perfect sense, or actually, especially if it doesn’t make perfect sense?

  3. Am I willing to accept that it is highly unlikely that my version of success will look like anyone else’s?

My answers to myself are:

  1. I think so; I will check.

  2. I hope so; I will try.

  3. I need to be comfortable with the idea that I might be the only one who knows I’ve achieved success.

Thanks for the gut check, Ms. Maclaine. Here’s to a lady who’s not afraid to tell it like it is or strike a pose.

Shirley MacLaine hiked leg

Shirley MacLaine with camera

Shirley MacLaine leotard and pearls

Shirley MacLaine in PINK!

Shirley MacLaine bee on rose

Shirley MacLaine with flowers



  1. Sammy Davis

    “Success is not the result of spontaneous combustion—you must set yourself on fire.”

    This post is BURNING UP!

    To feel at peace with who we are and those strong desires - and the actions of pursuing those desires of “success” - is contentment. I wish for that peace for us all.

    thank you, Jessi!

  2. Neema

    I have been thinking a lot lately about what success looks like for me.  Thank you for sharing this.

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