Mother Nature’s Awesome Design Team

Yesterday was about observing and absorbing. Today was about distilling and imagining. This evening, that was about reporting… Each of the four Alabama Design Summit studios participated in a Pecha Kucha presentation tonight, and the results were inspiring.

Our group chose to not only sum up the personal experience of our studio in working to solve for Alabama’s Nature Deficit Disorder, but to also attempt to capture the collective experience of what it means to be a part of this prototype in what will hopefully become a long line of Design for Good events.

We defined the problem and relayed our impressions, but we also chose to discuss Hope, Excitement, and a little something extra.

Our Hope is for the future based on the programs already being implemented and the individuals already on the ground, our Excitement is over what remains as an attainable possibility given enough creativity and cooperation, and the “Magic and Sexiness of Strangers,” well, that’s more difficult to define, but I think all of us here have felt it. There’s the magic of putting 12 strangers in a group together, there’s magic in sending us out into the world to learn from still more passionate strangers, and there’s the magic of 50 strangers from around the country in a single room for a shared purpose, even if that purpose is as ambigouous as Design for Good. I’m starting to think maybe it’s not that ambigous, and maybe just maybe, it’s not that strange. Unless you count how strangely magical it is, and well yes, how strangely it’s somehow a little sexy.

Am I operating on the buzz from Alabama’s recently legalized high gravity beer? I’d have to say so. But does that discount Magic and Sexiness? I’d say no.

Mother Nature’s Design Team is the name our our studio, and the story goes like this. Our wonderful facilitator Renna says, “What do we want our team name to be?” and my sharp roommate immediately answered, “AWESOME!” (My kind of lady, right!?) Renna says, “I love it! What do we think?” Then our intrepid client Wendy suggests, “What about Mother Nature’s Design Team?” I propose “Mother Nature’s Awesome Design Team.” And we’re done. Fastest and best branding ever. And that’s how we roll here in Design for Good Land. Peace.


  1. sarita

    i love the word awesome. when im asked how im doing and i reply-awesome-i get a double take. it is a very strong and sexy word.

  2. Jessi Arrington

    I know there’s a bit of a backlash against the word Awesome, Awesome Haters if you will. (Actually I’ve heard it’s disliked by a few very smart people I admire.) I’m not sure the exact reason: perhaps that Awesome is overused to the point of meaninglessness. It means something very specific to me; it describes a feeling I’m in love with, am constantly searching and luckily finding. It describes the projects I care deeply about. It describes the people I want work and surround myself with. I’m going to keep using it as long as I can hold on to that feeling, those projects and those people! So thanks for the awesome comment, Sarita!

  3. Linda Marsh

    Jessi, have you discovered the Awesome Women Hub on Facebook and the web?  It is a community of awesome women - you post your photo and tell about yourself, then provide a link to your website (no advertising directly on the Hub).  We have also been having a series of tour weekends - a women’s re-think tank - where we connect and discuss the future, and make a music video!  Tour weekends have already taken place in DC/Baltimore, NYC, and LA.  Upcoming weekends will be in New England, Nashville, Seattle, and other locations.  Amazing connections, amazing friends!

  4. Viviani ( Blog Magna Flor )

    Jessy, no meu blog fiz uma postagem sobre você!
    Eu te admiro muito!

  5. sarita

    hello ms awesome lucky so and so. your comment also expresses how i feel about the word-awesome. i also enjoy the feeling i have when i use the word-sublime.

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