Monday’s Art Teacher Chic

I’ve always had a secret thing for smocks and smock-like clothing because it seems like the exact thing my 1970’s-high-school-art-teacher alter-ego would have gone nuts over. This smockish jacket selected for the second day of my Week’s Worth of Undies Project is handmade from a kitschy floral fabric and sports adorably mismatched buttons. Underneath I’ve got a shear, pleated, bright yellow blouse with button details and red pleated slacks. The slacks were missing their button, and while I could have sewn another on, it turned out faster to simply add a skinny red belt with a majestic little pony.

Nothing-New Insight #2
Color is powerful. It’s almost physiologically impossible to be in a bad mood when you’re wearing bright red pants. If you’re happy, you’ll attract other happy people to you. When you’re surrounded by happy people, life gets pretty fun.

  • floral smock - $6 Moreno Valley Goodwill
  • yellow pleated blouse - $6 Moreno Valley Goodwill
  • multi-colored bracelets - $3 Palm Desert Revivals
  • red horse-buckle belt - $3 Moreno Valley Goodwill
  • red slacks - $3 Palm Desert As Good As New
  • cowboy boots - $19 Moreno Valley Goodwill
  • TOTAL - $40

This smock is very special, so if she approves, I think I’m going to send it to one of my dearest friends Laura McQueen in Madison, Mississippi. She just celebrated her birthday, she’s a teacher, and she’s very artistic, so that works, right? Plus she’s tall and gorgeous, so she can totally carry this off. My friend Carolyn Sewell already called the boots in the previous post, and I’m quite confident she’ll show them a good time in Washington, DC. The bracelets, blouse and pants are all up for grabs, so post a comment if you’d like something!

Why choose matching buttons when mismatched can be so cute?

rainbow bracelets
Why have a single-colored bracelet when you could have a rainbow?

pony belt buckle
Why sew a button back on when you could rock a prissy pony belt?


  1. Prescott Perez-Fox

    Extra points for use of the work “Smockish.”

  2. Laura Kiralfy

    Are you giving up the belt too?
    Would love to rock a prissy pony belt in Austin! :)

  3. Carolyn Sewell

    That jacket is super fab. Love that it’s handmade. And the prissy pony belt is great find!

  4. Melita Tomlinson


    I’m LOVING this idea!  I can’t wait to see your outfits each day!  Sadly, I don’t think anything you wear would fit me, but I like seeing them anyway! 

    Love you!

  5. Emily Langston

    Those bracelets are awesome….

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