Meow Mix

Look out! Cat wearing giant plaid pants alert! My obsession with mixing colors expands to an obsession with mixing patterns and textures.

Finding things that seem like they shouldn’t go together and putting them together anyway is oddly thrilling. Of course I love mixing super bright colors, but lately I’m deriving great satisfaction mixing textures and patterns as well. There’s geometry to it:  the angular embroidery of this top next to the stripes of the sweater and plaid of the pants. I think it works, and the best part is, that’s all that really matters! Yee haw.

Outfit Total - $84

cat hat gift from friends at MailChimp Atlanta, GA
striped cardigan $22 Side Show Hudson, NY
embroidered button-down shirt $18 Side Show Hudson, NY
plaid pants $22 Side Show Hudson, NY
two-tone cowboy boots $22 Side Show Hudson, NY

meow mix shirt detail

meow mix pant detail

That’s right, everything except for my hat came from the same place, one of my favorite thrift stores in the world, Side Show, during a recent visit to one of my favorite towns in the world, Hudson, New York. (I’ve mentioned Side Show before.) Man I love that place!

This hat serves the important role of defending my ears against the intense DUMBO winds I encounter on my 4-block commute to work. It was created by the always ridiculously nice (not to mention intensely smart and talented) team at MailChimp. They are pretty famous for their chimp hats, and they recently branched out into kitten hats to celebrate the release of their new QR-code-generating/embedding app, Pyow. MailChimp is always so supportive of us here at Studiomates, and on their last visit, they bestowed this hat upon me, probably because I couldn’t shut up about how much I love our chimp hats, but also possibly because they got the sense I’d take extra good care of it.

And I’ll leave you with this parting thought: never underestimate the power of a good animal-face hat to put people in a good mood (insert most adorable link ever). Sometimes I forget I’m wearing one and get kind of confused by all the people smiling at me as I pass them on the street. Then someone will say, “Nice hat!” and I remember I’m walking around with a kitten on my head. There’s also the potential for things to get a little weird. The fully grown man who runs my dry cleaners actually walked out from behind his counter to grab my hat by its dangly parts and give it a few good tugs, all the while giggling. What? Ask before you touch, sir! But then he gave me a discount on my tailoring, so I guess we’re all good.

pyow cat hat


  1. photography course

    Love what you are doing with the blog man!

  2. Katherine

    I love seeing Hudson pop up in your blog! Have you checked out Five and Diamonds yet? Its well worth checking out next time you are up here. Lisa is awesome and has great finds. She is the OG vintage mama in town!

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