Lucky Number 2013

I really have very little sense of what I’ll be doing over the next 12 months. I’ve made concerted efforts to leave things “open,” but now I’m dealing with cold feet.

Dolphin Watching

Creighton and I spent the first few days of 2013 in Charleston, South Carolina where we celebrated my indomitable mother-in-law Kathy’s 70th birthday. We arrived at the beach to cold beers and a pod of dolphins just off the shore. At the beginning of a new year, it’s impossible not to look forward. I suppose it’s human nature (or at least my nature) to want to know exactly what the future will hold. But what if I don’t know?

One way to settle into this lack of definition, the way that comes quite naturally to me, is to process the unknown as something to fear. My brain’s default programming seems to be “not knowing = scary.” I’ve been down this road before, and it includes anxiety, stress, self-doubt and a general inability to fling myself headfirst into the future. Not being self-flingable is bad for a multitude of reasons, and the biggest baddy I can think of at this moment: loss of creativity.

But there is another way to handle not being able to outline what my day-to-day for the next 365 days will be, and that is to process the unknown as cause for EXCITEMENT. That’s right, Self, please remember that not knowing could actually be a good thing. The part of my brain responsible for higher reasoning (that part that moans whenever I ask it to do work) asserts to me that I am a person who bores easily, a person who feels most alive when finding solutions and executing quickly. Ergo, even if I achieved the impossible and set forth a perfect road map for 2013, I’d get pretty damn bored pretty damn fast. Not knowing what lies ahead is scary, but it’s also what makes life beautiful. What’s around the next corner? Well it could be nothing, but it could be the most important project or the most fun I’ve ever had!

My favorite parts of the past year are things I didn’t even know would have existed in January of 2012. I’m going to trust that and and believe that lucky number 2013 holds more amazement. I don’t know the whats, whens and hows, but I know a lot of the whos, and I know the desired outcome: a year of creativity and love. For that I am thankful.

Icebreaker Tag

My icebreaker tag at December’s New York Creative Mornings outlines my priorities for 2013. Photo by Katherine Miles Jones.


  1. Linda Nuves

    I just watched TedxTalks: beauty and fashion edition… 2011.

    I’m a designer, avid thrifter, and overall a fan of what you stand for.

    Thank you for being you.

  2. Alison

    oooo lovin’ that necklace yo!

  3. Anna Hu

    I also just watched your episode on Rentals and your inspirational words make me feel lucky to know how to sew and create outfits no one would dare to wear. Thank you!

  4. Andreas Flock

    Thank you for being honestly you. And to get to the heart of freedom. When I´m scared like you, words like these are really encouraging. Don´t be too afraid. Your work is beautiful. I am looking forward to your next color explosion!

  5. Sofia from LYWM

    Me too!! Just found you on TED Talks and I do think you and what you are doing is Great. Thanks for the TED Talk and sharing all your ideas on your blog! Looking forward checking out all of your future outfits <3

    Love from Stockholm!

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