Love Saves The Day Dress

I found this dress the day before the iconic East Village vintage toy and clothing store, Love Saves The Day, closed its doors for good. It was 75% off of $60, so I had to grab it, but until yesterday, I’d never actually worn it. I’m glad this week’s theme of red and pink finally provided the excuse I guess I needed, and now I’m addicted to swooshing around the studio in layers of crinoline and taffeta. This was a great dress for welcoming alumni and professors of the Mississippi State University Art Department to Studiomates for drinks. (In case you’re wondering, bourbon only increases the desire to swoosh.)

I miss Love Saves The Day, which I will go out on a limb to say is possibly the best name for a store… ever. I guess I’ll have to make a trip to its new location in, get this, New Hope, Pennsylvania.

  • pink wooden beads - can’t remember… from college
  • red cashmere cardigan - passed down from my friend Casson’s mom
  • pink and red print dress - $15 Love Saves The Day on 2nd Avenue
  • grey belt - $1 Starkville Salvation Army
  • grey heather burnout leggings - $20 Alternative Apparel (link below)
  • mauve Frye boots - $20 DUMBO Parent’s Association Stoop Sale
  • TOTAL - $56

I don’t often get to share links of where I buy things because I buy everything second-hand. But since underwear, bras, tights/leggings are my exception, the Alternative Apparel leggings I’m wearing are available for sale. I love them. They are my go to legwear, especially in the spring because they’re light weight and seem to go with almost everything. But do not, I repeat DO NOT try to wear these as pants. 1.) because leggings aren’t pants and 2.) because these leggings are very sheer and people will see whatever you’ve got underneath. By the way, Alternative Apparel is a great company with good customer service and sustainable business practices.

Love Saves The Day dress detail

I’m thankful my friend Casson offered me this extremely warm cardigan. It was her mother’s, who recently did a large closet clean-out. Casson pulled this out of the bag destined for the donation center because she thought I might like it. If anyone else has any relatives giving away clothing, let me know. This sweater is sweet!

Love Saves The Day dress

I’m three outfits into my first theme week. Thanks for following along!



  1. Martha Taylor

    Don’t know why…...........maybe it’s because you look exceptionally cute in this one…. but this is my favorite!

    Love you, MOM

  2. alicia morrison

    I love this outfit, but I think that necklace and leggings are not necessary, you rock better without :)

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