Let’s Ride

Vroom vroom.

I’ve been married for five years. Officially. As of yesterday. To commemorate the occasion, I purchased a poster of this image. It’s super heros of design Charles and Ray Eames. On a motorcycle.

Like Charles and Ray, Creighton and I both live and work together, yet the most fulfilling and intimate thing we do is create together. We are currently working on a new project. A side project, if you will. A personal one about our biggest passions. And it’s one of the most exciting endeavors I’ve embarked upon. Ever. (Yep, I drank bourbon at dinner. And yep, I’m pretty in love.)

You can read more about our relationship in this interview with iDsgn.

Happy Anniversary to Creighton! Happy Anniversary to me! I try not to take a single day for granted.


  1. Matt Convente

    Congrats on your anniversary, Jessi and Creighton! I’m super excited to learn about your new project, can’t wait for its official unveiling!

  2. Soccer Mom Style

    Congratulations on your anniversary.  Sounds to me like you’re working on expanding your family?  Sorry, I know that was tasteless, could not help.  Can’t wait to learn what it is.

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