I’ve Got A Sweet Rainbow Hangover

And there ain’t no cure. Please be patient with me as I figure out how to process all the joy that was my birthday, find the words to thank everyone who participated in both the Hole Sale and the Rainbow Birthday Parade, and figure out a way to share everything all those who could only be there in spirit.

Rainbow Birthday Euphoria

Rainbow Birthday Parade Chromatic Line

You’d never know it from all the smiles, but the absurd windiness of the day was blowing freezing rain in our faces. All I can think is I am SUCH a lucky so and so.

Thanks for taking these photos, Jason Hawkins (top) and Jason Santa Maria (lower two).


  1. melanirae

    Wow! That looks like the most amazing birthday ever! Even with no pot of gold at the end :)

  2. Frank Candamil

    Any video? Interested in hear what it sounded like.

  3. Zach Ford

    I have a serious question. Do you have any brothers or sisters or are you an only child?

  4. The Fashion Turd

    Hi!..i think i can challenge you in the uber colourful perosonal style blog stakes!! come visit me! http://www.thefashionturd.com

    love your ideas and ethos….i just got sent your ted video…i will be back…. have a great weekend

  5. Kristin

    Looks like to funnies birthday party ever!! BRAVO!!!!!

  6. Yang Xue

    wa ,i love this picture most ,i have watched your speech on Ted.You are really cute and beautiful for your smile and energy.hope you can work out more fancy and natural outfit matches, smiley

  7. Hannah Janoowalla

    Medical school was sucking my spirit, I saw your video on Ted and I am re-inspired to be vibrant! You’re right, I can’t possibly be in a bad mood while wearing bright red pants.

  8. Jay

    Sister girlfriend, I just found you via your b-day parade feature in “whole living”.  It just hit my mailbox yesterday.

    I am now devouring your blog.  I love the way you live so color-full-y. 

    I cannot wait to share you with my 10 year-old daughter.  I think you two were cut from the same technicolor cloth!  This is a compliment to you both.

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