1. Emma Charleston

    I went to Bournemouth (UK) for the first time last week - they had Spectrum ordered beach huts. Hundreds and hundreds of them! Amazing.

    More buildings need to embrace the rainbow.

  2. Sumi

    Read your post and soon after read a friend’s status message on Facebook about buying this book today,  Googled it and found this:


    After coming across this blog recently, everytime I see rainbow colors I remember you! Thanks for the fun and color, Jessi!!

  3. Gayle Ellison-Davis


    <3 g!

  4. marina

    i want to go to there!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. Anon

    Google map link

  6. Anatomy Vintage

    I want to go to there too.  Easily my favorite line of all tv history.

  7. Paula

    howe beautiful! I want to go to there! :)

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