How To: World’s Largest Rainbow Parade

Let the countdown to the World’s Largest Rainbow Parade on Saturday, April 28 with RecordSetter begin! I am getting really excited thinking about so many incredible color lovers in one place. People are coming from all over to join us here in Brooklyn, and I truly believe it will be a magical afternoon.

But now I bet you’re wondering, how will this thing actually go down? That’s why I’ve put together this handy-dandy reference for you!


1. We meet at NOON at the Brooklyn Bridge Park, using the Main Street entrance. Parade starts at 1:00.
2. Temps are predicted to be VERY CHILLY. Dress appropriately but remember, HEAD TO TOE IN ONE BRIGHT COLOR!
3. Wear comfy shoes and keep your spirits high. It’s a long but awesome walk.
4. The Girl Walk // All Day Team will be teaching choreography and filming us. Get ready to dance!
5. Have fun! Spread the joy!

If you haven’t already, PLEASE RSVP HERE!

Please keep reading for all the information you could ever possibly want to know about the parade!

At 12:00, meet in DUMBO at the Brooklyn Bridge Park. Use the Main Street entrance, and proceed to Pebble Beach. We’ll have an hour to:
• welcome each other
• decorate any areas in need of color (on our bodies, bikes, strollers, pets) with ribbons and streamers
• apply Tattly temporary tattoos and face paint to one another
• take photos of ourselves in our, no doubt, amazing get ups
• have some fun and get warmed up with Ballroom Basix starting at 12:10
• get the official Rainbow Parade dance moves from Mr. John Doyle, aka Nasty Freestyle aka The Creep, at 12:30

At 12:50, we’ll join forces with the Hungry March Band, and line ourselves up chromatically.

At 1:00, we take off as the World’s Largest Rainbow Parade!

Our planned route is to cross the Brooklyn Bridge, which is 1.5 miles and will take us 30-45 minutes. Phew! But there will be adorable mini cupcakes from One Girl Cookies at the halfway point thanks to THE Debbie Millman. Hooray! Once we reach Manhattan, the parade will officially end, but we can jog into City Hall Park, Rocky style, to share hugs and quick victory dance for just one beautiful rainbow moment before the police inevitably ask us to leave. The terrific Mindy Best will be on hand to photograph all of this!

AND OH MY, IF YOU READ NOTHING ELSE PLEASE KNOW the forecast is predicting LOW temperatures! With a high of 52 degrees, it’s going to feel like a brisk fall day instead of a spring one. And it is WINDY on that bridge! I cannot overemphasize that we should all dress warmly, but please don’t let that lessen our color! Instead of putting non-colorful jackets over bright outfits, let’s all wear layers UNDERNEATH our colorful outer shells. (Yes, that means I’ll be wearing full-on long underwear!)


In my opinion, by opting to participate in a Rainbow Parade, you’re saying two BIG, important things about yourself:
1. You want to have fun.
2. You believe in joy.

Let’s cover #1 first:
You want to have fun. That’s awesome because I do too! And I believe if we ALL show up at with that shared goal of fun in mind, we can’t lose! It’s important to understand that the parade route is long and could be ardous. It will take us a good half hour to cross once we get to the bridge, and it will certainly be crowded. Let’s encourage each other in order to keep our spirits up and our energy high. If you find yourself feeling less than inspired at any point, just remember: YOU ARE PART OF A RAINBOW PARADE ON THE BROOKLYN BRIDGE, YOU ARE SETTING A WORLD RECORD, AND YOU ARE SURROUNDED BY FRIENDS. We are the first people in history who can say that, which is pretty dang cool.

And as for #2:
You believe in joy, which means you are familiar with the powerful nature of spreading it. So let’s do just that! Smile at everyone we pass, give them permission to look at their day in a new way, and if they want to join in the parade, by all means welcome them! We are the ambassadors of color! We will leave Saturday afternoon on the Brooklyn Bridge a happier place than we found it. Most people we come into contact with will be excited to see us and want to take our photos. Some people, simply due to the nature of people, might be annoyed that we are taking up space on the bridge (or for that matter on the planet). Don’t let them get us down. Thanks to RecordSetter, we have an official permit to parade! Consider it a permit to feel joy and to share it with all those who are willing to receive it.

For inspiration, check out how one gentleman’s day was brightened by a Rainbow Parade (video by my friend John Cary):



Aside from being warm and wearing comfortable shoes, the name of the game is COLOR, and the brighter the better!! Select one of the following color categories, and EMBRACE it with all your being: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple or pink. BECOME the color!!

Black, grey, khaki, or other “neutrals” aren’t what this is about, so please do your best not to come as one of those. If you consider yourself a color slacker, work to get outside your comfort zone and try to find a top and a bottom in a single, saturated hue. If you are a color over-achiever, then take this on as a personal challenge to GO ALL OUT! Sure you have a colorful top and a bottom, but do you also have colorful footwear, neckwear, headware, and eyewear!? The more color each person wears, the denser and more saturated the impact of our rainbow will be.

And don’t be shy about having your color extend beyond your body: while I’ll have some balloons and ribbons to share, those with their own pinwheels, streamers, parasols, etc. win a special place in color heaven.


First off, BE PREPARED.
Bring the items you’ll need to stay happy and comfortable over the course of 2+ hours. This might include:
• water for yourself and your loved ones
• snacks or a park lunch
• a poncho or umbrella to match your outfit (the forecast doesn’t currently call for rain, but you never know)
• a way to stay warm without blocking your color

Maybe you know how to make balloon animals, or hula hoop, or have a collection of finger puppets. Then bring it on! Or maybe you have some great colorful item that isn’t going to be part of your outfit – bring it anyway and loan it to someone for the duration of the parade! If we all show up with something wacky, none of us will leave the parade without making a new friend. So if you can, please bring some skill or item to share, something that says a bit about who you are. It will make the parade, and the world in general, feel a little smaller.


RecordSetter is hosting a post-parade party at their Canal Street headquarters, with some beer, wine, snacks, music and more world record shenanigans. Ask Jessi or one of the RecordSetter officiants (in bright yellow jackets) for details.


Please email me with questions. And I will see you at the World’s Largest Rainbow Parade!


Excellent photo at the top of this post by Youngna Park


  1. Martha Taylor

    Excellent information! I can’t wait for a fun filled day full of smiles and laughter. Oh yes, AND COLOR!!

  2. Emily Miethner

    Can’t wait. If you’re wondering what color to pick, we’ll need more PINK, ORANGE, and GREEN!

    -Emily Miethner
    RecordSetter Community Manager

  3. Josef

    I impulsively picked YELLOW not realizing what a challenge it would be to find these colors for a guy, but I am determined to make it happen. I guess I am a color overachiever.

  4. Lydia

    Sorry to miss out on this one but I, and my bright purple kaftan, will be dancing cross that bridge in spirit! Wishing you a beautiful day.

  5. Sandy

    If I lived in NYC I would have come. But I live in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) so I wish you a lot of fun!

  6. UpGemini

    Thank you for organizing the parade, I had SO MUCH fun!
    This is my first post, tomorrow I will post more photos… my camera almost melted! hahahah

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