Hole Sale and Rainbow Birthday Spectacular

Dear glorious second-hand shoes, I shall miss you! I hope you’ve heard by now: this Saturday on my thirty-second birthday, I’m getting rid of over 400 items from my wardrobe! As challenging as it might be, it’s got to happen if I want to get down to the 100-items-or-less closet. I felt I needed to find a way to let go while also celebrating my birthday, and true to my nature, the whole thing has turned into a crazy, hopefully wonderful production.

Through an outstanding collaboration with the DUMBO Improvement District that still seems too amazing to be true, my birthday has become the Hole Sale and Rainbow Birthday Spectacular, and it will be held on April 16 in the Archway Under the Manhattan Bridge (a.k.a. The Bridge Hole). There will be second-hand items to purchase, rainbows to wear and eat, music to parade to, and girls to send to rock camp. Does this all seem a bit confusing? I hear you. There is a lot going on! So here’s a handy dandy guide to help clarify…

Instructions for a Hole Sale and Rainbow Birthday Spectacular

  1. Dress yourself head to toe in a single, bright color. Or at least give it your best shot!
  2. Have your spring cleaning done and set aside any items* you no longer need.
  3. Show up at the Archway Under the Manhattan Bridge, a.k.a. the Bridge Hole, to donate said items.
  4. Buy some awesome second-hand stuff.
  5. Maybe eat a rainbow cupcake.
  6. Feel awesome because the stuff buying you just did benefits Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls. And because you ate a rainbow cupcake.
  7. Hear 12-year-old Tiger Bey performs her original song, Willow Tree, complete with rainbow lyrics. (1pm)
  8. Have your rainbow photo taken by Erin Sparling.
  9. Make an appearance in the rainbow video being made by Sunny Jang.
  10. Situate yourself in chromatic order and be a part of the Rainbow Birthday Parade, that’s right PARADE, with Raya Brass Band. (2pm)
  11. Buy more stuff. Feel even awesomer.
  12. Head to Superfine for a post-event drink. It should probably be a rainbow drink of some sort. (5pm)

*If an one item is bigger than a Thanksgiving turkey, you probably shouldn’t bring it for the reason that it will be difficult to cart away if it doesn’t sell.

What kind of items can you expect to find for sale? Many of the items you’ve seen here on Lucky So And So. In fact, 6 out of the 8 pairs of shoes in this rainbow will be up for grabs. It’s going to be the hardest thing I’ve ever done clothing wise, but I hope the results will be beautiful.

rainbow shoe photo shoot
While I still had a rainbow’s worth of shoes, I asked my studiomate Raul, the awesome photographer he is, to do a little photo shoot. I’m embarrassed to admit how challenging going from 35 to down to 10 pairs of shoes is going to be for me. I’m so happy they’ll be getting an awesome send off!

Should you attend the Hole Sale? Take a look at this flow chart if you’re having trouble deciding.
Should I Attend?

Check out the great Hole Sale website Josh Stewart built for me for more details and fun. Make sure you click the button that turns it to “rainbow mode,” and see if you can find the unicorn!

And it seems like it should go without saying, but I have to say it just to make sure they know I know: NONE of this would be possible without my incredible and supportive friends and studiomates. You are the pots of gold at the end of my rainbow.

Oh man, I just had fun writing this. A wop baba loo bop, wop bam boo!


  1. Matt Convente

    I’m so excited! I can’t decide if I want to go as super bright blue or super bright fuchsia.

  2. Laura

    What size are those pumas? I need another pair!

  3. Maria

    I would absolutely love to go! I live in Mexico though =/
    Congratulations Jessi I think your outfits are awesome!

  4. Beth Heller

    Jessi, You are a force of nature!  I’m SOOOOO there!

  5. Beth Heller

    Oh, and I can TOTALLY dress head to toe in orange!

  6. Jessi Arrington

    Matt, either of those sounds amazing! I haven’t heard of anyone doing fuchsia, and the only blue I’ve heard about is either blue-jean blue or aqua blue.

  7. Jessi Arrington

    Beth, Head to toe in ORANGE would be stunning! I’m hoping Alison can make it too. Rock Camp REPRESENT!

  8. Jessi Arrington

    Laura, So sorry my Pumas are size 8. But I’ll look for some bright size 9’s for you next time I’m out shopping!

  9. Mila

    Your blog makes me so happy :) I stole your photo for mine, if you don’t mind - totally referenced you, obviously. Keep spreading the colour!

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