Get Your Tattly On

THIS. IS. EXCITING. SO. GET. READY! My friend Tina had the idea (after helping her 5-year-old apply her eighty-hundrety really ugly temporary tatto) that there should be a web store for designerly temporary tattoos. Thus Tattly was born! I’m super proud to be the designer of two of the original designs going live when the site launches. The first is called color burst…

Tattly Color Burst

The second is a page of rainbows, meant to be cut out and applied, well, anywhere you need a little color…

rainbow tattly

It’s great for the kiddos! Other designs are coming from Jessica Hische, James Victore, Marc Johns, Oliver Jeffers and the like. The store hasn’t launched yet, but you can sign up to get an alert when it goes live. I’ve signed up five times because I. CAN’T. WAIT. I was lucky enough to get a stack of the Color Burst tattoos a few weeks ago, and I’ve pretty much been wearing one non-stop since. I’ve got the tan line on my arm to prove it! Everywhere I go, I get oohs and ahhs. It’s the best, and I feel like a color-lovin’ badass.


  1. Dayanti Karunaratne

    Indeed, I just signed up twice! Not exactly on purpose, but it does look like a cool idea!

  2. Melissa

    You’ve just got me all excited!! I can’t wait to see the gorgeousness that comes from this venture!!

    I’d love to help spread the word when it goes live.

  3. Brittany

    These are vastly more attractive than the dragon tattoos at the dollar store. I want them.

  4. Kate

    I love the Tattly tatts I got and think the one I sported this past weekend looked fabulous.

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