French Pinky Friday

One of my favorite parts of our workspace is that on Fridays, my Studiomate Skylar brings in his French Bulldog, Pinky. She adds so much joy to the studio, finding patches of sunlight for her adorable naps, jumping from lap to lap, and entertaining us with her games of fetch (or as Pinky interprets it, keep away). Since this week’s theme is red and pink, it’s only appropriate that today’s outfit photos include cameos of Pinky.

  • red blazer - $5 Burlington Salvation Army
  • pink blouse - $3 Starkville Palmer Home Thrift
  • red belt - $2 Baltimore Salvation Army
  • high-waisted jeans - $18 Sideshow Clothing Co. of Hudson, NY
  • magenta Reebok high tops - $24 Etsy (seller Kasifoundthis)
  • TOTAL - $52

blazer, blouse, belt detail

I’m pretty proud of this outfit because no two pieces come from the same state! The belt is from a trip to Baltimore for Tess & Mike’s wedding, the jeans are from a trip to Hudson for Alex & Brian’s wedding, the blouse is from my last trip home to visit my mom, the shoes are from my favorite place to get vintage shoes: Etsy, and the blazer is from our Thanksgiving trip to visit cousins Matt and Helen. Here’s a pic of me outside the Salvation Army in Vermont right after I purchased the blazer. Just as we walked out, it began to snow what I believe was the first snowfall of the year, so I took that as an omen that I must have done some good shopping!

Vermont Salvation Army

And let me not neglect to mention what a fashionable lady Pinky is. Get a load of this faux-fur trimmed sweater! If you don’t already, follow @FrenchPinky on Twitter. Thanks Pinky (and Skylar) for participating in the photo shoot that will hence forth be remembered as “the one where the entire backdrop fell on my head.”

Pinky in her faux-fur sweater


  1. emily

    ahh.. what a sweet puppy!

  2. Josh Smith

    Awwww! So sweet. She is like a celebrity now, what adorable pics.

    I’m so glad you love having Pinky around as much as we do (with all her silliness). Just one more reason Studiomates is awesome!


  3. Amy Yates

    You are cheating on MOLLY!!! She would be sooooo jealous!!! I’m just not going to show her these pictures.

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