Miss Piggy Purse: MINE!

It turns out that either I’ve always loved Muppets or I’ve always loved purses. Maybe both.

This purse, marked © Henson Associates Inc.1981, has a special story… My first experience with school of any kind was as a giraffe, that was the animal of the three-year-old class at our church preschool. The class teacher was Mrs. Glusing, and while I don’t have a whole lot of specific memories of her, I do remember that I loved and admired my very first official teacher. Fast forward 25 years… Ms. Glusing, now Ms. Godbold, is retiring and runs into my mother at church. She says she has a present for me and gives my mom this Miss Piggy purse. Apparently this purse has been in giraffe classroom all these years, and while it wasn’t actually mine (it was meant for all the children to share), she felt that I should have it. Why? Because I’d written my name on it! Looking closely, you can make out JESSICA A, my full first-name and last initial, complete with a backwards E on the back of the purse.

my 3-year-old handwriting on

Can you blame me? It is a pretty awesome purse.


  1. schinders

    i’m super jealous! i still have (and rock) my miss piggy beach towel, and only wish i still had (though i wouldn’t fit) my pink, satin, miss piggy bomber jacked from around the same time as your purse.

  2. Jess

    That is outstanding! I am a Jessica A, but there’s no way I would leave behind a purse that amazing! Lucky Duck!

  3. Josh Smith

    Wow, that is an adorable story, fit for an adorable person! Also it should be said, is an adorable purse.

    How is it possible that it is such good shape!? You really do come from a place where the folks are polite and hospitable. The kids at my school would have ripped apart and/or black markered that purse years ago!

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