Embroider Me!

I’m big on embroidery right now, not only because it suits the chilly weather, but also because it has me resembling a home-ec teacher from the 70s, which of course I really dig.

As I work my way toward this Winter’s wardrobe, I’m finding myself drawn to more and more to chunky textures, like the embroidery on this felted vest. Also in this category, I’ve picked up a pair of multi-colored woven trousers (dubbed “serious pants” by my Studiomate Rob), some thick wooly sweaters, and a truly MAGICAL poncho that I have not been able to stop wearing (it’s like walking around inside a hug).

Outfit Total - $81

embroidered vest $20 Olive's Very Vintage Brooklyn, NY
ruffled dress with shell $9 Livingston Street Goodwill Brooklyn, NY
red beads $2 Brimfield Antiques Market Brimfield, MA
red tights $10 The Sock Man Manhattan, NY
lucky cowboy boots $40 Brooklyn Flea Brooklyn, NY

Plenty of room for hard candies and random crafting supplies in these pockets.

lucky boots
My lucky boots!


  1. Elli

    So wonderful, as usual! Keep posting :)

  2. Soccer Mom Style

    such vibrant color combination.  very cheerful :)

  3. Creighton

    The last picture reminds me of the jellyfish we saw at Monterey Bay Aquarium. Nice exhibit of biomimicry fashion.

  4. Suella Postles

    Looking forward to seeing pants and poncho.

  5. Jessi Arrington

    I’m wearing the MAGIC PONCHO today, Suella. My Studiomates think I look like a Rainbow Clint Eastwood!

  6. Suella Postles

    Will we get a photograph?

  7. Carolyn Sewell

    That dress is heaven dripped in grape juice. LOVE.

  8. Carolyn Sewell

    Err, dipped. Not dripped. But I guess that could work too.

  9. sandy

    it looks brilliant~~

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