Dress Your Pirate in Stars and Stripes

Everyone who knows me knows I’ll use any excuse to dress in a theme, so who’s surprised that I dressed myself like a flag for Independence Day? Ummm, no one. My starry skirt came from a trip to a thrift shop in Columbus, Mississippi. It was originally a floor-length affair until I gathered it like Fourth of July bunting and pinned it in place using two pairs of old-lady-looking earrings. The “look” is completed by a pair of leg warmers that I cut from a striped t-shirt and a red white and blue goblet that I can only imagine had some kind of crazy past life. Maybe it was the bandana plus all the stripes, but I somehow ended up looking like a patriotic pirate. Perfect for playing Rock Band and drinking “Beergaritas” with a my studiomates at Skylar and Josh’s awesome party!

  • bandanna - borrowed from my mom
  • beads - $10, Brooklyn flea
    I have to stop myself from wearing these with everything.
  • striped tank - $7.50, UNIQLO
  • starry skirt - $3.50, Columbus Palmer Home Thrift
  • earrings (used to pin skirt) - $1 per pair, Columbus Palmer Home Thrift
  • leg warmers - homemade from striped t-shirt
  • cowgirl boots - $365, Lucchese
    I wore these with my wedding dress.
  • drinking glass - $0.40, Starkville Salvation Army Thrift


  1. Sam

    Hi Jessi, I just saw ‘pirates of the caribbean: on stranger tides’ and you and your outfit would have improved the movie eNORMOUSE-ly!  thanks for giving a downunder gal a lot of joy and inspiration.

  2. mali - just me

    Wow!! I love this outfit!!

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