Do A Little Shopping. Make A Little Video. Get Down Tonight.

You know what they say‚Ķ It’s all fun and games until somebody tackles a major social issue.


Let me start by saying I’m in love with Yoxi. Yoxi (pronounced YO-see as in “YO, you gotta SEE this!”) is an organization creating competitions where teams get formed, solutions get found, fun gets had and change gets made. Check out how it works. Their last competition was based on the idea of reinventing fast food, and now, MUCH to my utter delight, they’ve turned their attention to trimming the waste of fashion. This is SO up my ally that when they asked me to speak at a Lower East Side party designed to promote this competition, I felt morally, ethically and nothing-new-wearingly obligated to get involved.

The day before the party, I received a call asking if I’d be willing to help Joshua, the Yoxi team member who’d be the next evening’s host, find a second-hand outfit to wear for the big event. I thought for about two seconds and then blurted out a big fat YES!

For me, the experience was about finding a balance between what Joshua would be comfortable and confident wearing (as I mention in my TEDTalk, confidence is key) and pushing Joshua to express himself through color and style. For Joshua, it was about stepping outside his comfort zone and trusting me, which he did, which in turn made me more confident about my role building his confidence. Whirlpool of confidence there! The confidence was compounded by our co-conspiritors, Yoxi’s creative, patient and talented team members Randy and Aaron along with my number one supporter Creighton. Unfortunately we couldn’t video inside the store (since we didn’t come up with the idea until the day before, we didn’t have time to get permissions in line) but we snapped a few photos, which you’ll see along with clips from the evening’s event and a short interview.

Watching this video immediately takes me back to that beautiful day, one of the first days of what’s shaping up to be my favorite New York summer. I think you can see the fun we were having; Yoxi really is all about fun! Give it a watch.

NOW through July 15, Yoxi is looking for people to play in Trim the Waste of Fashion. You don’t have to have an idea; that part comes later. All you need right now is a team of three, and you don’t even really need that. If you’re a team of one or two, the amazingly supportive people at Yoxi will help match you up with others. You’ll meet, you’ll make a 1-minute video, then you’ll potentially be in for the ride of your life!

About this I am a BELIEVER: there must be tons of ways we can work together to reduce waste in the fashion industry. Who wants to give it a shot?

P.S. Notice my Tattly? I told you I was addicted!


  1. ally

    this is awesome!!!

  2. Amy Scott

    Love it , Love it, Love it!  Did I mention I LOVE IT! Soo inspiring - big ups from New Zealand :-)

  3. June

    Oh wow! I wish I had known about this! Sounds wonderfully fun! Can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with! Good luck!

  4. Heather

    What a perfect project for you! You’re great on camera!

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