Cherries Served Two Ways… What Should I Wear Tonight?

I’m riding a train on my way to a fabulous wedding in Baltimore, and I’ve got two nothing-new outfits burning a hole in my bag.

So what do you think… should it be Option 1: All That’s Fit And Print or Option 2: Peggy Sue With Cherries? Creighton usually helps me with these decisions, but he’s actually claiming to like them both! Leave a comment and let me know which way I should go. I’ll owe you!

I’ve been told the reception has an old movie theme. Both have classic lines, so I’m hoping either will work.

The black and white print of Option 1 actually matches the lining of the wedding invitation, but I could get away with wearing it to a post-work cocktail party or an AIGA event.

What To Wear: Option 1

If not a festive wedding, where else am I going to wear a pouffy party dress like Option 2?

What to wear? Option 2

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Erin Sparling‘s photography is more amazing than a double rainbow. Thanks to him for staying up until 1:30 a.m. to take these after a long day at The Journal!


  1. jenn

    option 2!!!!!!!!

  2. Rob Weychert

    Both options are attractive, but Option 1 is bold and instantly iconic, so that gets my vote. I really want to make something using that color scheme now!

  3. Skylar

    They are both great, but I would have to agree with this statement:

    “If not a festive wedding, where else am I going to wear a pouffy party dress like Option 2?”

    So I vote Option 2!

  4. Josh

    Definitely go pouffy. Option 2.

  5. Erica

    Tough call! The print in Option 1 is phenomenal, it stood right up and GRABBED the vote. But then Option 2 stole it back, with that red slip! We’ll declare #2 the winner (for now).

  6. Swissmiss

    Pouffy all the way! Zwei!

  7. Hannah

    Definitely option 2! Beautiful!

  8. Violeta


  9. Jocelyne

    go blue and pouffy option 2 :)))))))))))
    PS what a cool blog.

  10. Morgana

    I love the first one, the yellow socks are the best, you get such a french like look (L)...

  11. Chris Toms

    I am going to go against the consensus and go with option one.  Option one is more functional but maybe forgo the cherry (i do believe it is cherry) broach.  :)

    Answer:  Option 1

  12. Robin2go

    Gotta go with Peggy Sue with Cherries. AWESOME!

  13. Martha

    Option 2 is very sweet!

  14. Jill E

    option 1, love the mustard tights!

  15. Salih Kucukaga

    Both are nice but my vote goes to option 2 :)

  16. Cathy

    Both are fab but option 2 is the winner for the wedding!

  17. emily

    From one color and vintage lover to another, definitely option 2! Perfect for dancing it up at a wedding, and that lovely icy blue looks wonderful with your skin. :)

  18. DC

    Option 2

  19. Greg Abbott


  20. Casson

    Who can resist tafetta? I say pouffy. Particularly if you get to wear the awesome purple cropped jacket too!

  21. Nathalie

    I like option 1. Very Jean Seberg!

  22. Matt

    Option 2, hands down!

  23. Shane

    I vote option 2!

  24. Hallie

    Option 2!
    And then send me the dress of Option 1 — I love it!

  25. William Spencer

    Option 2.
    Then option 1 for next beer fri.

  26. Melissa DiPeri

    I say black and white pattern with some red or blue stockings. I like them both though.

  27. Urs

    Option 2, definitely!
    There will be more, not so festive opportunities for option 1. Which is pretty too, of course.

  28. Jill

    Option 2 all the way!

  29. Chris Shiflett

    Option 2.

  30. Jason Santa Maria

    Option #2 gets my vote for exactly this reason: “If not a festive wedding, where else am I going to wear a pouffy party dress like Option 2?”

  31. Liz Danzico

    Peggy Sue with Cherries. Hands down.

  32. OLTW

    Since you’re in Baltimore (and being a Balto native myself), I vote #2 all the way. It has a certain John Waters je ne sais quoi. Parfait.

  33. Julia Vakser Zeltser

    Both are great!
    I’d say go with Option 1. You’ll look like the unusual cousin from NYC. Option 2 is a more typical dress for a wedding. Let us know what you decide on!

  34. Yoonha

    of course 2

  35. Jessica Hische

    Option 2 FTW. You would wear option 1 on any day of the week

  36. Jenny

    Ah!  I’m going to a wedding tomorrow, and I wish that I had a panel of people to vote on my outfits!  If only my blog were about something other than food.

    Given the theme of your reception, I say Option 2!!  I agree that you can find other events for option 1, but a fancy wedding party seems like the perfect excuse for a fancy party dress.

  37. Martha Taylor

    MOM chooses #2! Because…......... You have the same look on your face as when you chose your wedding dress! So evidently it makes you feel good to wear that one. Sooooo you shold wear #2. Of course though, you look BEAUTIFUL in both!

  38. k*

    Both are lovely. If there will be dancing, you won’t regret no.2!

  39. Jeremiah Boncha

    I vote for TWO!!! Poof.

  40. Rachel Webster


  41. Matt Convente

    I vote for Option 2.

  42. Jessi Arrington

    So far it seems like there are more votes for 2, but the arguments for 1 (like “You’ll look like the unusual cousin from NYC” from Julia Vasker Zeltser) are right on and highly compelling. It makes me so happy that all of you are willing to weigh in!

  43. Ariel

    OPTION 1.  It’s perfect.

    And you can wear Option 2 anywhere! Slap on some converse and it’s weekend wear.

  44. Elizabeth

    Pouffy! It’s a party!

  45. amy Treibly

    Love number two, especially for the occasion!  Is that a derby petticoat I see?  You’ll have to show me how to do that!  Cheers!  And enjoy the wedding.

  46. Alex

    I have to somewhat haltingly vote for Option 2. Although the colors and pattern of Option 1 are dazzling, I think I am sold on the party dress = wedding argument.

  47. Krystyn

    I love option 1. It looks great on you, and bonus points for matching the invitation. ;)

  48. Scott

    You’ve said it all. “If not a festive wedding, where else am I going to wear a pouffy party dress like Option 2?”

    You could rock option 1 for just about any occasion, or no occasion at all. Particularly now that it’s Autumn. Option 2 just screams “Old Movie” and might not fit outside of the context of something like a wedding.

  49. Amy

    You’re having so much fun in Option 2! Go with that one :)

  50. Laura Howell McQueen

    If there will be dancing, definitely go with option 2!

  51. Sarah D

    I’m not sure I can make up my mind!  I’m a fan of option 1. Someone said it before me but it has a certain Jean Seberg quality. And it’s rather French with a 60s Brit vibe.

    BUT I agree with you (and many others) about option 2. Kind of impossible to wear to anything but a wedding or big celebration of some sort. What happened to those silver shoes you wore to our wedding? I think those would be a fab addition.

    So maybe option 2? But then you’d have to promise to wear option 1 sometime soon!

  52. stacey

    Love both, but yes poofy pretty is a must! AND when you go shopping can I come with?? Me likey your style. Sweet!

  53. sloan

    poof! option 2!
    leave the non-poof for the AIGA meeting

  54. Sunny


  55. Joshua Lane

    Number 2, for sure.

  56. Allison

    Number 1 is super cute and the pattern is absolutely splendid, but I have to say that Number 2 takes the cake. It looks absolutely splendid and I say that if you have an opportunity to wear a cute dress like that, why not take it! Number 2 is definitely the way to go.

  57. Larry

    You look pretty no matter what you wear, but I’ll say Option 2, that way I can be lucky to see you wearing Option 1 at an event with AIGA, Option 1 is just perfection.

  58. Jon Faustman

    Option two, for sure. Both are great, but option one says “going out for a drink” more than wedding.

  59. Ben Nabors

    Option deux!

  60. Neil

    Looks like it’s 2

  61. Courtney Martin

    Love option 1 for a million other occasions, but for this, I vote 2. You’re look amazing!

  62. Steffen

    option 1

  63. Melissa Mershon

    Option 2.  Beautiful but Sassy!

  64. Your kuz Dave

    Wear clothes.  PLEASE

  65. Dale from Starkville


  66. Jessi Arrington

    Thanks to everyone for their input! I went with the group consensus of blue and pouffy, and we had a wonderful time. A few photos:

    Now that we’re back in Brooklyn, I’m looking forward to wearing the black and white dress very soon… maybe to the big Marian Bantjes AIGA Talk on November 1. Will I see you there?

  67. ns

    Option 2 !!
    Super festive and fun.  If you go with option 1 try the cherries on your shoes or a headband.

  68. Caigh

    I like #2

  69. Caigh

    I like #2

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