And A Happy New Year

Though this outfit may have temporarily blinded some unsuspecting party-goers, it was actually my insides that felt like they’d been coated with glitter.

I may have been the sparkliest person in my hometown of Starkville, Mississippi this New Year’s Eve. I spent the entire evening beaming. That was probably due less to my outfit and more to the fact I was surrounded by my mom, stepdad, sister, brother-in-law, three of my best friends since childhood and their partners (one of whom came all the way from South Korea where he’s currently stationed).  It was a pretty decent way to start 2012, which I predict will go down in the books as “The Year of The Sparkle.”

Outfit Total - $94

green sequin shirt $64 BambieJonesVintage Seattle, WA
embellishments $9 Guvnor's Brooklyn, NY
embellishments $3 Goodwill - Livingston Street Brooklyn, NY
pink tule skirt $18 Buffalo Exchange - East Village Manhattan, NY
red tights and silver Rockette shoes in my closet 5+ years

New Year's Skirt Detail

The outfit started with my finding this crazy pink cloud skirt at Buffalo Exchange. Then I shopped for the perfect shirt over at Etsy. And to give it that special festive boost, I sewed on all the red, glittery second-hand holiday decor I could find, leaving just enough aside to pin in my hair. My goal was to take advantage of every opportunity for shininess from head to toe, leaving no sparkly stone unturned. I shall consider this goal achieved.

New Year's Top Detail

This was actually the second time I wore this particular second-hand outfit. I also wore it to the AIGA/NY Winter Bash, which was a helluva night as well!


  1. Cece Ryder

    I have a girl crush! You’re so adorable. And fun.

  2. Sandy

    so bubbly, luvvvv the outfit~.~

  3. MetroGypsy

    By FAR the coolest outfit I witnessed this holiday season and at AIGA! I’m so glad we jingled our sequins and got some karaoke on, because this outfit on you is = FABULOUS!

  4. Kate

    Amazing! I love it. If you and I were at a party together I would walk right up to you and want to be your friend.

  5. Amaryllis

    This outfit is amazing - I LOVE the colour combinations! I also saw your talk on TEd talks, and thought you where so inspirational!

    Also I have nominated you for the Cute Blog Award! Here is the link

    Enjoy! x

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