Alex’s Karaoke Bachelorette Party

What’s my recipe for a ladies’ night out? 2 parts feminine + 2 parts trashy + 1 part cowgirl + 1 part crazy (hello, old lady sweater). Stir in a handful of show-tune lovin’ ladies and one adorable bride, and you’ve got the cocktail for a karaoke bachelorette party liable to knock you on your ass! Oh yeah, I was in a world of pain the next morning.

  • silk Dior blouse - $20 Brooklyn Flea
  • belt with rose buckle - $15 Zachary’s Smile on Greenwich Ave
  • ruffle mini skirt - $4 Buffalo Exchange
  • black fishnet tights - $10 The Sock Man on St. Marks
  • black cowboy boots - hand-me-down from my mom
  • short-sleeve sweater - $7 thrift store in Sarasota
  • TOTAL -  $49 without sweater, $56 with

Alex in her bachelorette veil

I’m so happy we had Alex wear this homemade veil. Its mere sight compelled strangers to blurt their best wishes and marital advice. One gigantic bouncer simply offered, “Don’t do it.” I really love when costumes can bring people together! And after witnessing Alex’s stellar rendition of “Papa Don’t Preach,” I’m now of the firm belief that no one should be allowed to sing that song without a veil.

When we first had her put it on, I thought she might be embarrassed to be seen on the streets of Manhattan with this rather large getup on her head. But I soon remembered Alex is a performer and fellow costume lover at heart. She’s a talented singer (she sang for me and Creighton at our wedding, which takes guts), and here she is as a little girl dressed like Boy George…

Alex as Boy George

What could be more precious than that? Alex and I have known each other for over six years. She’s been my co-worker, my employee, my colleague, and my confidant. Most importanly, she’s been my friend. She and Brian are the best kind of people, the kind I know I’ll always have fun with and can depend on in a pinch, and for me, that makes them practically family. I hope they know how much I care about them.

Stay tuned for a post about Alex’s wedding!

Bachelorette Sweater Detail

Bachelorette Belt Detail

Thanks to Erin Sparling for the wonderful photography.


  1. Alex

    This post was an unexpected and awesome surprise! Thanks, Jessi, for helping me relive a wonderful night!

  2. kathy kane

    Jessie, you are now my idol!  It reminds me so much of myself at your age.  I remember week after week going to Studio 54.  I would challenge myself by going to thrift shops for the perfect outfit to wear (I still have a closet full of those clothes, which Alex and Tasha have worn throughout their high school years ... holly balls, proms, and my Courreges, orange vinyl trimmed 60’s dress to the Austin Powers movie when Alex was in high school.  I would sometimes set a budget for myself and see what outfit I could come up with for under $5.  I just love this post.  Can’t wait to hear about the dress you wore to Alex’s wedding and it’s history.  So many people and friends say that they loved the outfit on the girl with the cowboy boots and the orange and brown dress.  YOU ARE FABULOUS!

  3. Billa

    I adore your outfits and your sense of colour! What a way to brighten a day. And I’m so happy to see that I wasn’t the only little girl who dressed up as Boy George…. He was my costume for Halloween of ‘84 or ‘85.

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