AIGA/NY Winter Bash Collages

AIGA/NY Winter Bash 2011

Something about working around all these digital masterminds at Studiomates has me going analog, as in cutting and pasting using actual scissors and glue. Of course I scan it all back into the computer so it really is digital in the end, but the process of pushing paper with my fingers instead of a mouse is fun! It feels like recess!

Debbie Does Elvis
This particular image went out with the caption “DEBBIE DOES ELVIS.”

I think of collage as a spontaneous, messy and irreverent art form, which is also exactly how I’d describe this party. I know we’ve got an awesome presenter in Debbie Millman, but what will go down after that is anyone’s guess. Debbie will kick off the live karaoke portion of the eve (THAT’S RIGHT; WE WILL HAVE A LIVE KARAOKE BAND) with an Elvis number, and then, I’m hoping, all hell will break loose. Singing, pizza, prizes, dancing, paper chains, tinsel, fake snow and more drinking? Anything could happen. It’s the one AIGA/NY event where I hope questionable decisions will come into play.

Another thing I’m really looking forward to is that friends Dave Dawson and Aymie Spitzer (along with many elves from the AIGA/NY Community Committee) have been making decorations for the party using all recycled materials. Tons of newspaper and packing peanuts are getting a new festive spin, and we picked up lots of lights at Film Biz Recycling!

I hope I see you there!!!


  1. Nic

    i am looking for some kitten heels, vintage vibe preferred but not necessary in a robins egg blue, can you help me out???

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